Gray to be one best choice

Wood flooring grays become one of the modern architectural style using a timber element for use as flooring. Impression of luxury will also be seen with the use of other materials such as clear glass or other material elements to make the walls and other home materials.

Wood you will use on the floor to point of view. Before you get to the esthetics you need to make sure your choice is physically fit to be installed on your floor. Although other materials such as floor tiles will be installed in the bathroom or any other room but the timber is a key element in the floor of your home.

The gray color to the wood species is the most significant esthetic choice for your wood floor surface.
One material used is oak wood most commonly used for wood flooring. This material has a low enough price. People can also choose the type of wood is more luxurious and is already a trend for their hardwood floors.

Once you decide what kind of color you need is the quality of the wood that you will use. It is closely related to the level of the wood. There are also less expensive types of wood like rustic with different characteristics and color options. You must be careful to choose wood flooring materials, especially weakness and also maintenance. For example, many types of wood will be chipped when brushed and textured surfaces will eliminate. The same thing will happen if the timber when the pressure surface.

Gray wood can also be a darker color so it will be difficult to eliminate stain disappear.
After all floors with gray gives shelter impressed quiet and elegant. Color gray wood flooring may also seemed cool when paired with brown or neutral colors like black or white.

You can also be creative with the mix of wood and ceramic materials, such as ceramic tile for the bathroom and kitchen, while the gray wood flooring to family room. The room can be distinguished from the type of material used.
The use of bright colors in furniture such as sofas and other furniture will give a surprise to your room with a wooden floor with gray.

Gray wood floor will give an interesting impression in your living room, classic style, and will make your living room and also at the same fun by adding accessories such as paintings, mirrors, vases and so classic.

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