Wooden floor gap filler

Filling gaps in wooden floors of the most widely used is latex. Many companies produce for the fill with different colors so easily adapted to the color of your wood floor. Such materials can also be obtained in powder form and mixed with something else that really matches the color of your floor. 
You can also change the color of wood filler is latex paint food coloring and chocolate syrup. 
Materials for the filler can be derived from calcium carbonate, wood fiber water, clay coupled with universal colorants. 
If you use a filler is not needed anymore glue or other adhesive types. The rooms are empty will be filled by the filler material. 
When filling the latex is still wet and then sealed with polyurethane, varnish or wax so will leave the mist of latex when the floor is cleaned with water. 
Wood putty is also widely used as filler material for wood floor filler. Painters many uses this to fill the nail holes among the layers of paint. You can also use it on the floor that have been completed without the layer above it. 
Filler material made from calcium carbonate, linseed oil and universal colorants are materials used for wood putty. 
If you choose a filler material to choose based polyurethane instead of oil based polyurethane water. 
Other filler material is to use epoxy. The system is divided into two parts. Then you mix it in together-together so it will produce a chemical reaction and will harden between five and 12 minutes. 
Any filler material that you will use to adjust your wood floor, so that your floor looks perfect.

For gap filler you have to understand the character of coating materials such as heat resistance, water resistance, or an easily scratched. You should know the advantages and disadvantages according to your usage needs. Note also the application and easy to maintain.

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