Disadvantages of bamboo flooring

Disadvantages of  bamboo flooring is determined during the manufacturing process. One cause is the maturity of the bamboo so that the resulting force depends on the age of the bamboo. Bamboo age of less than five years tend to be quite loud when used for flooring for durability.

Materials with bamboo flooring is resistant to scratches and also resistant to abrasion and other sharp objects. This material is also quite fragile, so easy to float. So many laminated bamboo flooring.

The choice of colors is also quite limited. This is because the carbonization process at the time of production. The natural color of bamboo that will offer natural and carbonized color offered in brown.
Usually bamboo refused to be colored. If colored it will eliminate the impression of bamboo in your home.

Same with wood, bamboo should also be kept dry. Bamboo flooring also should not be too much sun as this can be structural instability.
This material is susceptible to scratches and the color can fade when installed in a room with high traffic.

Humidity is also a problem in the use of bamboo flooring.
As with hardwood floors, humidity should also be kept in bamboo flooring. Humidity is too high can damage the bamboo flooring.

Before choosing bamboo flooring should you do a lot of research because not all types of bamboo will suit your home. Some types of bamboo flooring is not suitable for floating floors, especially preferred.
Choosing bamboo flooring you should also use a lot of pesticides and insecticides.
In addition to many advantages you also have to pay attention to the shortcomings of the bamboo flooring before selecting the most appropriate flooring for your home or room.
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Bamboo flooring is the best flooring in building A new home!

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