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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Family room addition plans

Family room addition plans is importance if you are planning the most ideal amount of room for your house it all depends on the house size you have. Many people build houses with vertical because the reason for the high price of land. If so you should plan to meet the most ideal residential concept. You also have to take into account the number of how many people will occupy the house as well as how changes in the future.

The amount of space that will be built is dependent on the number of existing residents. So also with the activity for a homeowner with a visit from a close relative or parent.

The parts that are common to a house likes the front porch located on a house. This space is the most common space to bring a guest house owner.
The living room serves to receive guests who are usually adjacent to the porch and front door. There is also a living room adjacent to the kitchen for easy to serve guests.

The living room is a special room for families. Usually this space is used for the family. Usually this room is furnished like TV and other entertainment facilities.
While the dining room is used for eating and drinking for a family member, and usually adjacent to the kitchen.

Master bedroom is used to break this very personal space and this room is usually located away from the crowds and noise and are usually located away from the living room and garage

Used to clean the bathroom. Usually the homeowner enjoys a bathroom adjacent to the bedroom or fused. To clean the clothes made special bathroom that serves for wiping clothes.

Warehouse serves to store goods and garage to store your vehicle.

The extra space is sometimes needed depending on the function. For example, work space, reading room or a library or a room for prayer and others.
What if the desired space does not meet again? There are many ways one of which is a separate room with two different functions.
You can do a partition in the middle of the room. You can perform a partition with an unique design to fit your needs. You can put the glass in the middle of the store antiques.

The material used for a variety of existing partition also made of wood, made of rattan, glass or other materials. You can also add ornaments to avoid monotony. The main function of the partition is not an activity to limit the view. If you are using glass as a partition should use window film so in tune with the room and the motif of interest as family room addition plans

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