Timber and stone homes

The use of stone has become common in homes for the front or outside as on a patio or other areas of the house depends on the tastes of the homeowner. Types of stone used such a wide range of rocks of various colors are generally white.
The use of stones will be more artistic if a suitable combination with other materials such as timber or wood, and when used on the porch to make a more open terrace.

Natural stone is widely used today one material for the house. Natural stone will enhance your home and will provide a home atmosphere that will blend with nature.
Natural stone is also used for the exterior and interior of the house. This material is used to ornament the walls, garage, garden, patio to the bathroom. This stone has a high degree of hardness, and easy care.

Homeowners often use natural stone for their home remodeling project. They often replacing other materials with natural stone because of its durability and susceptible to stains, heat and acidity.

The use of wood commonly used in home systems bearer frame structure of wood.
Besides wood is also used for flooring or furniture in the house. The combination of the use of wood and stone are an unique combination that will has a distinctive feel to the house.

If you choose wood to frame the house as the door frame as the frame for the main door or living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen to the garage window. For each different use in terms of size.

So, when you choose wood for flooring. Example of one of the oak is quite popular because this material has a very rich and will add a very nice look to the house. Likewise with other wood species such as cedar wood, bamboo and so on.

So also for the use of wood for furniture. For example furniture wooden chair combined with white rocks and a combination of the same color will add to the heat. It will be cool again if the wood used on the terrace wall.
The use of wood and stone into your home look very attractive depending on your own creations.

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