Dominance of wood in innercourt

Shades of the wood in the House can be seen with the dominance of wood in inner court once you set foot in the House. A natural arrangement by giving the feel of nature can be done with the selection of the appropriate wood. The wood on the exterior with a predominance of wood floors can you design can be dealing directly with your dining room.

You can also use wood in other parts such as roof and also the space is indeed very strong and durable wood of various types. The durability of the wood. Wood components can also be used on a family room that will also provide a soothing natural tones to get-together with the family.

The function of the inner court will beautify your home. You should pay attention if the wood using wood on that section. One of the enemies of wood is water, especially if you are using wood outside the room. Additionally, on open space is very susceptible to mildew and so hasten the deterioration of wood.
One of the ways you do is by using a coating on wood. This you should do on a regular basis to coat the wood in order to be durable.

Further attention is when the wood is directly exposed to sunlight. At the bottom of the wood you have to stick to the ground. Add a little insulation to limit so that the soil is not too humid and moisture absorption by the ground should be more optimal.
You can add plants to beautify the intercut. The plant directly on the ground or while you place the pot with the neatly arranged.

Before using the wood in the inner court you should also first preserve the wood. You can spray preservatives into the wood. The wood can also be soaked in a solution of a preservative that has been specified by measure him in several days. The goal is to make the wood more durable in order before being used in the inner court.
In addition you can also paint the wood which is mounted so that it would add a layer of wood on the latter.

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