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Choose good wood and wood elements that lure is to install wood elements correctly. You also have to treat the wood element in accordance with his character. Several types of wood still has the material that is still abundant. However, not all types of wood can be used for building materials. You should not place timber not intended. If in accordance with the functions there will be a strong timber.

If you want to use wood as the construction of the timber must be strong, tough, has the high natural durability, has a large size.
The wood used for construction outside and directly exposed to water such as outdoor patio, roof shingles, roof truss. For the use of wood as it is supposed to be water resistant as teak, ebony and so on.

The use of the reverse when used for furniture should be selected for a moderate weight, stable, and has a decorative element and easy to work. This type of wood such as mahogany, meranti and others.
When used for wood flooring must be strong, resistant to acids, powerful high abrasion.

However wood is a forest that is easy to process and used goods in accordance with the advancement of technology. The properties of the wood cannot be imitated by other materials. You also need to know the properties of wood. Each timber has attributes that are different. The type of wood has different properties of wood with other wood species.

Because it comes from nature we cannot control the quality of the wood material. We often find defects in the product. It can also be caused by the process of growing and if the error of wood products.

Utilizing wood timber species rapidly growing much touched by the world of construction. It is thus necessary to take advantage of the development of production forest timber species are fast growing

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