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Monday, January 21, 2013

Is it possible wood material for bathroom?

Is it possible to use wood materials for the bathroom or a swimming pool? Maybe you do not believe but in fact can. But not just any wood used timber. Wood material used is made from a mixture of wood powder, PVC and various other organic substances as glue. The appearance of the wood is also no different from solid wood and has a natural impression.

Why the material is resistant to water? This is because the PVC content in it. The material is suitable for use on walls that are wet or flooded like the bathrooms and a swimming pool.

The advantage of these materials are strong, resistant to termites and does not propagate a fire. Materials that will not rot even if exposed to heat and rain so suitable for use in indoor or outdoor.
If you are using for the outdoors should use anti-ultraviolet coatings for paint and painted periodically every two years. Sunlight can fade the color of the wood surface.

The materials used include wood composite proficiency level that is environmentally friendly. Materials can replace the use of wood in solid and durable and non-toxic even though it contains PVC. Since the material is not burned then the poison will not come out. Making the material is also not through combustion. The use is also more efficient for application on walls or floors.

Disadvantages of this material if comparison to the natural wood is not as strong as natural wood so it is not possible to use a substitute for wooden structures.
Wood composites are much cheaper than natural wood such as teak. We just cannot compare in terms of price but the various advantages of such materials and proper use.

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