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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Wood floor protectors for furniture

Wood floor protectors for furniture helps to protect wood floors from scratches mainly due to the furniture on your wood floors. Materials commonly used as rubber that is on the feet of furniture, especially heavy furniture such as cabinets and desks.
It is necessary to keep your wood flooring whether large or small your home that requires proper care to protect your investment.

It is very easy to do is to use pads on furniture, especially the often shifted. The habits of the family is dragging rather than lifting the furniture that will cause scratches on the floor.
Besides using the pads on furniture you can also use rugs to prevent wear on the high traffic areas in a room with wooden floor wear.
Other things that can potentially damage your wood floor is the claws of pets and shoes with high heels.

Besides materials made of rubber that is used on furniture legs some are made of plastic. Plastic caps are also available in various shapes, sizes and price is also cheap which will protects your hardwood floors.
After all materials that use plastics that can be hard enough to scratch the wood floor. Plastic caps will be more effective to use vinyl flooring.

Materials used rubber would be more expensive than using a plastic material but the material is softer and will be better in the long run.

After all arrangements of furniture in the room is very important. Avoid too much of the furniture removal and placement of furniture in the room to be balanced, especially in weight. Keep the weight evenly on your wood floor. It is useful to prevent the curve that occurs in your wood floors.

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