Where to buy wooden floor accessories

So many accessories can be combined with wooden floor

The use of accessories for wood floors is very diverse in order to adjust the interior decoration of the room, especially using wooden floors.
Wooden floor accessories currently with a very wide range making it possible to match your interior design including color, shade wall bases and more. All that would be amazing with accessories if well thought out.
The accessories consist of walbases and beads made of various colors, shapes and styles that you can match you with your wood floors. Accessories are easy to install and the price is quite cheap.

In addition you can choose prints, nose stairs, ramps and even reducer strip all which you can adjust the color and texture of your floor so that your floor looks perfect. accessories that also consists of various types, durability and quality that they will offer you. Before you buy you should also be able to see houses that have been using these accessories on their homes.

You also can get kits for easy installation when you install yourself. Besides cutting costs for the installation you also can get some clips for your wall.

Use of accessories for the floor is very important to provide comfort and beauty of the more leverage. However, many homeowners tend not to think about interior building materials mainly for the building floor.

You also can design your wood floors using ethnic accessory that will provides esthetic value to the traditional impression. As we know that by using natural wood floor to produce value that creates a beautiful harmony among the floors, furniture, and wood construction that is in your room.

For example, it is usually used to make more interesting the installation of wooden floors / parquet. There are several accessories commonly used.

List Profile, is an accessory commonly used for edging / finishing of parquet borders with other flooring fields, for example lower fields (A-Profile), higher fields (N-Profile), for nosing stairs (SN-Profile) or even fields the same height (T-Profile). Usually this color profile list is adjusted to the color / pattern of the wooden floor / parquet.
Plint Wall / List Wall / Wallline, this accessory is used to overwrite the list of existing walls of the house / apartment so that the color is more similar to the wooden floor / parquet

This accessory is sold separately such as a list of separating profiles with other types of flooring, such as wooden floors with tiles. Another example of Stairs Nosing is used for stair profiles, skirting is used for grout walls and so on
Various accessories are quite a lot and in accordance with their respective functions in accordance with the requirements for wooden floors in your home. This can be found in building stores around you.

The true purpose of this accessory depends on the use of the floor you want and you can also ask the building store according to its function and most importantly to use it, do you really need it.


Cleaning of parquet floor with oil paint

Cleaning of parquet floor with oil paint

The cover with oil and wax are the most environmentally friendly and natural, even heavy loads, a parquet coating. The oil particles penetrate into the wood, protect and nourish it, while the soil can breathe. On the ground surface, only a small protective film is formed.

Thanks to the protective properties of the oil, it has so far been possible to preserve the parquet floor in all palaces, as regular and regular care means that it is not necessary to crush the parquet floor evens under stress.

The secret is that oil-coated parquet can be locally restored, stains and dirt are removed without sanding the entire surface. Professional maintenance of parquet in Moscow at low prices, specialists of the company "Parquet Meter".

Periodic dry and wet cleaning
The floor, which is covered with oil, has anti-fouling properties, but requires periodic cleaning of dust and sand, which accumulates in particularly derivable areas.

The dry cleaning can be done with a vacuum cleaner or a broom that gets dirty at least once a week. It is recommended to use a mop and a microfiber cloth.

The wet cleaning is done with a mop with a special parquet floor cleaner, e.g., OSMO Wisch-Fix. It effectively removes small amounts of dirt and nourishes the wood thanks to its oil content, preventing it from drying out. It is important not to use aggressive, universal cleaners as these remove the protective layer of the parquet.

This cleaning takes place every week in a normal apartment, or every day, for places like restaurants or cafeterias.

It is also important to have carpets at the entrance of the room to catch the sand and dirt of the shoes.
Intensive cleaning of impurities For intensive floor cleaning use OSMO WRP. It cleans the floor of dirt and restores the structure of the protective layer of oil and wax, giving the floor a fresh look.

This treatment should be based on the level of contamination, about once every three months in the ward and once a week in public places such as cafeterias and restaurants. In heavily loaded rooms care oil should also be used. This will help to restore the coating without forming a film on the parquet surface.
Cleaning and restorative products are applied with a squeegee, e.g., OSMO Mop, or a FloorCenter-Polisher for a large surface treatment.Update of the protective layer

Even with careful care of the floors, it is necessary to renew the protective layer of oiled and waxed parquet regularly. But unlike the painted floor, it is not necessary to grind the old floor. And it is only possible to update the damaged areas locally.
The update process is fairly simple, but requires special skills.
At the beginning, the soil is thoroughly cleaned of all contaminants. Then apply a thin coat of oil with a roller, cheek or polisher using hard wax oil wax.

It is pleasant to entrust this process to professionals because too much oil can lead to negative effects. Masters helps you save time and money, and you get an updated floor that will thrill you and your family for years to come.

The main mistakes in laying parquet.

                       Error in installing parquet caused many problems  

When installing parquet, there are often several unpleasant moments, such as cracks, landslides, warping, drying and others and mostly because of errors in installing
In this article we would like to give short answers to frequently asked questions.

In principle, all these questions and answers face the mistakes of placing a huge table. Due to its size, a solid table requires a lot of adhesives, fasteners, and uniformity of the base. The stress that occurs in large elements are infinitely higher, so the separation and expansion force is stronger.

A full description of the causes leading to the occurrence of certain deficiencies can be found in the articles on the placement of the parquet.
Errors in laying parquet have irreparable consequences.

Basic questions about floor installation:

1. Why does parquet crack?

Not only parquet can be weeping but also plywood. The crunch means that the structure is movable and the individual elements move when pressed. There can be several reasons: poor flooring, bad glue, poor quality parquet and plywood. There was a break from the base, see point 4.

2. On the floors are cracks or why the floor?

"Dried" wood, that is, has reduced its volume. The floors were wet during installation due to changes during manufacture and storage. The humidity in the room may be too low. The "contraction" of the parquet occurs when the humidity of the room is lower than the moisture of the panels. The evaporation of water from the wood causes a reduction of the parquet volume. If the process is acute, i.e., rapid, deformation or sagging may occur.

3. The edges of the cubes are rolled up, a box was formed, the edges of the floors are wavy.

Technologically, this is due only to the expansion of the top layer of the plate when the soil is drier. Then, due to the stress within the die, one turn is obtained, a similar feature is used in the thermostats, which connect two different metals in a single set. When heated, an element expands faster and the structure bends. Causes: a strong increase in humidity, the drying time has not developed tail before painting, the application of a large amount of paint in a day, the presence of unstable parquet in the film. We do not consider the water consumption because of the evidence.

4. Why did the soil fall off the ground?

If the soil is detached from the base, but has not been inflated and deformed, it is the reason for the glue, usually, quality parquet. The parquet has only glue, just press the nails for the first time. See what is on the bottom of the dice. When the tree is clean, the parquet is far from glue, glue - separation of plywood or rule, the rule - the destruction of the latter. Cheap adhesives when drying become limestone, remember! About the rule, read the articles about the placement of the soil, see above. Maybe the floor wastes glue or hurry to start the cycle, which did not allow the glue to adhere and block parquet. If a solid parquet or table "gets under your feet" or "rings", then this is just a consequence of a violation of the monolithic construction. And of course you cannot say anything about the moisture regime. An uncompacted mortar with a high water content, which works using moisture (plaster, sealing cement, etc.) without observing the rules that cause an increase in the moisture of the parquet and thus cause the wood to crack or deform. the last.

If the floor has been raised or removed from the concrete plywood, look also at the bottom of the plywood. A clean sheet: the glue did not hold, especially in the glue, in the recess of the rule, the remains of concrete, the destruction of the substrate. Do not rush to "drive" the quality of the materials. Maybe the technology is disturbed: the quality and strength of the rule, the drying time, still with primers.

5. The floor swelled or rose like a "little house".

the volume of wood increased with the increase in internal humidity, the plates rested against each other, there was no space to expand the parquet when it was swollen. Maybe the rule was wet, maybe there was a lot of glue, it did not fit the wood. There was no technological gap between the floor and the wall. For the same reasons, the plywood can be swollen. The parquet floor

If the ground was a wave after placement, then the reasons are the same. Due to the moisture change, the parquet began to expand, the internal tension appeared and as a result it increased in weak spots. It can manifest as single bulges and along the entire line of speech. Only for waves, you can take the deformation of the stumps, see point 3. It is possible to correct qualitatively only one partition with a possible truncation of the stumps or an analysis of the problem area to the next wall. All types of bites and injections are good in individual cases, if the damage is much better not to use it. The shooting of the rods are a "dead envelope" as it is.

6. The floor has fallen.

There are gaps under the floor. Perhaps the rule was not homogenous at first or collapsed during work and operation. This shows the quality of the rule. Read the articles about stacking.

7. When walking, the floor moves or "breathes".
 See point 4.

8. Under the floor is a void.

See point 4.

9. Dark spots appeared on the floor.

The moisture of the substrate is too high. From the interaction with water, the tree turns black, rots or forms fungi. These black and gray spots spread quickly through the wood. For example, a parquet floor laid the floor, the painters covered it with a film, and a month later they saw dark spots on the surface. The answer to the question of why dark stains appeared on the floor has also been completely transferred to the parquet and laminate floor. The protective lacquer layer acts like a film and prevents the escape of moisture. Look for the reason below. See the examples in the pictures for reference!

10. Draw the placement of the curve.

The relocation line has been eliminated. Low qualification of the teacher. He tried to condense the dice and changed them every time. As a result, at the end of the piece, the line "left". For example, the cubes in the tree must be offset by 90 degrees. If the parquet is of poor quality, the assistant attempts to make the end elements tighter, thereby reducing the angle, resulting in a curvature of the common line.

11. Matte, dark or whitish stains appeared under the varnish.

They did not let the glue dry. There is no room to go to the solvent and water, so there are dull spots under the paint. The grinding was carried out poorly, the remains of the chemistry (glue, lime and others) remained in the parquet and it came to a chemical reaction.

12. Broken or broken parquet.

This occurs when the moisture content of the wood changes, which changes the volume of the tree. If a sudden change, the parquet is exposed to a heavy load and due to the gap has no time to react with expansion or even drying. Causes: a strong increase in humidity, the drying time has not developed tail before painting, the application of a large amount of paint in a day, the presence of unstable parquet in the film. Bad flooring - too wet or too dry. We do not consider the water consumption because of the evidence. So, when the parquet is cracked, it is not difficult to understand the physics of the process, but there can be several reasons.

Install the tile on the wooden floor

How to install ceramic on wood floor

Ceramic tiles have long been one of the most practical and preferred soils, and their current availability and variety are increasingly reaching the limits of using this environmentally friendly finishing material.
The ideal base for tiles on the floor is concrete or at least cement mortar. But what do you do with people who have a wooden floor in the house?
There are two possibilities for event development:

 It is necessary to lay the tiles with concrete slabs on the wooden floor of the house. The same question has to be solved by the person who lives in the old house, where all the ceilings are made of wood (not only in the attic, but also among the floors).

As with the second option, the answer is clear: you should not do that.
Tiles: The material is quite heavy, and in old houses with wooden roofs loading bars should not be overloaded.

In 75% of cases, they are currently in a state of emergency. Therefore, the tiles are only allowed if the house has been checked and the floors replaced with new ones. Today, the loading bars of these houses are often converted to metal.
If the roofs are made of concrete and the floor is made of wood, this possibility is allowed.

But here we have to do some preliminary studies. If you decide to lay a tile floor on a wooden floor, you need to be clear about what it means to have such a commitment if of poor basic preparation and poor performance at work.
Possible consequences of laying tiles on a wooden floor:

The tile is placed on the glue. This creates a sealed surface that does not let air through. And for wood good ventilation is important, which does not get wet and rots.
Wood itself is an unstable material that changes state and size under the influence of the environment. The weather is not good either. Therefore, sooner or later, the wooden floor may gain mobility under conditions of high humidity or falling temperatures, which will cause cracking of the adhesive layer (and possibly tiles) and peeling of the coating ceramic. ,

Therefore, before deciding to install the tile floor on a wooden floor, you must check the floor condition and offset. Inspection of the condition of the soil

Begin the survey in the simplest way: Walk along the surface and cover the entire surface. Their job is to find the places where the forums "play".
This could mean: The tables are not very tied to shifts; The picture has already deteriorated and may rot; The decay deformed the trunks of the wood or simply the lining fell underneath.

Each of these options mean that you need to open the floor in these places and make the necessary repairs. If the ground seems to be strong and does not crack or "breathe", you should always open it in a corner. This is necessary to ensure that there are no signs of rot in the boards and delays or areas damaged by wood insects.

How to act in different situations

Depending on the nature of the floor, the preparation of the mosaic surface must be done in different ways. There are several options for event development:
quick preparation of the base;  the device of a ruler moistened on a wooden floor;
 Level the surface without moisture and dirt.

The quick preparation of the parquet can only be used when the wooden floor is in almost perfect condition: it is durable, dry and even.
The preparation requires a moisture-resistant dry wall and a highly elastic polyurethane adhesive, which will compensates for the possible movements of the wooden floor in the future. The work is carried out as follows:

Joined needs to be checked carefully to make sure it is at its horizontal level. If there are differences, they should be aligned with a fiberboard or paperboard of sufficient thickness. Two layers of GKVL are placed on a flat wooden base so that the leaf joints in the upper and lower rows do not coincide. At the same time, a clearance of 10 mm must be maintained between the wall and the floor surface.
The plasterboard joints must be filled with sealant. Then the surface is prepared.
Once the primer has dried, you can place the tiles in the usual way. After all the work, the space between floor and wall close with a socket.

This method is not used in very damp rooms: bathrooms and kitchens. Its advantage is the high speed of the work and the low relative cost of preparing the base. The "wet" method hardly differs from the filling of a conventional cement screed.But here it is necessary that the wood base is solid enough, because the rule has a lot of weight. If the soil is mounted on planks less than 40 mm thick, the stems are sufficiently separated (more than 400 mm). This method does not work.

For the fur device it can be used as a cement and sand mortar with a maximum thickness of 30 mm and self-leveling mixtures based on cement or polymer. Its use makes it possible to achieve a maximum thickness of 10 mm, which is important for small apartments with low ceilings. The work is carried out as follows:

The condition of the soil is carefully evaluated. If the boards are thick enough and the support legs are in a small condition, the floor can be used. If the deviations are rare, it is necessary to reinforce the soil structure with additional blocks formed between the delays. In such a situation, it is necessary that the boards of the raw soils are arranged at a distance of 8-10 mm from each other. This ensures better ventilation. Then the floor must be open in any case
On the floor with prose, you should spread the plate of wood or plywood with a thickness of at least 12 mm. The leaves are connected with a "bandage" of the joints at a distance of 2-3 mm..Then it is necessary to waterproof the surface by coating the film with polyethylene or other impermeable materials. The seal should go to the walls at a height of 7-10 cm. Then the rule is paid.

As you can see, this method requires a lot of work, but the base will be solid and reliable.

The basic dry method is often used by both professionals and internal workers. For this you need a chipboard or plywood. If the leveling material is to be mounted on the surface of the panels, the thickness must be at least 22 mm. If the ground is badly and the material joins the joints, its thickness should be at least 30 mm.

The installation is carried out as follows:
The plywood panels are cut into 4 squares, eliminating the internal stresses in the material. If the plywood is attached to the trunks, the distance between them must not exceed 400 mm. If it is larger, additional brackets need to be installed which will increase the rigidity of the base and will not bend the plywood.
The plywood is staggered, with a change of leaves in the adjacent rows. Use self-tapping wood screws for fastening.  When building the base, it is necessary to check constantly their horizontally so that the mosaics can be easily placed.

If it is not possible to buy thick plywood, you can use a thinner material, but put it in 2 layers and glue them together. The seams of these layers should not collapse. Leave a space of 2-3 mm between the leaves. Between the wall and the floor structure also a technological space of 10-12 mm width is observed. At the end of the job, it is filled with a sealant or mounting foam and then covered with a base. Once the rule has been strengthened, you can place the thumbnail.

Thereafter, the base is treated with an antiseptic and the seal are placed. to improve the adhesion of the plate to the substrate, it is possible to attach a sickle or a net of paint to then apply a primer layer.
What else should be considered?

Since the unit tiled the ground on a wooden basis, this is a rather controversial method to achieve a good result, should you not save.
Experts recommend:
Only buy quality materials from trusted suppliers. Do not use materials such as liquid nails, liquid glass, a mixture of polystyrene and nitrocellulose lacquer to fix the tile (you can find these recommendations). A  qualitative result is not guaranteed.
Buy a good glue that is suitable for working with the base that you have assembled. Not all tile adhesives are suitable for bonding tiles to plywood or chipboard. Do not immediately prepare a large amount of solution: capture quickly and you may not have time to solve it. Watch the technique of work: hurry can be expensive.

Choose the best wooden floor for your needs

Solid plank and parquet are the best for wooden floors

The wooden floor is a classic that suits every interior, in a city apartment and a country house. The wood has unique properties of thermal insulation and sound absorption, has a pleasantly warm surface and excellent appearance. The performance characteristics of the different types of wood may differ as well as the color. While some rocks easily survive cracks and falls, others can be damaged by simple heels. Both are used only in different rooms and in different types of soil. We determine which wooden floor is the best and which type of wood is best to choose in which case.

Types of wooden floors

This section could be neglected if the parquet is not interchanged with a parquet floor and a solid parquet floor. In fact, only two types of solid wood floors are: solid plank and Parquet.

Both products are made of solid wood, the treatment only served to, the necessary operation or aesthetic quality to live. It is a natural and half material.

The difference between a massive hallway and the parquet is huge: the parquet is much smaller. The average size of parquet slats are 50 * 600 mm, with a thickness of 15-16 mm, and a fixed length table can be 60 cm and up to 6 m, width from 7 to 20 cm, the thickness varies greatly.

The parquet board cannot be attributed to the matrix covers because it consists of three layers and only the top is made of expensive wood, the rest is cheaper softwood. Parquet board: cheaper price pile cover, whose longevity is lower than that of a full board, which can be explained by the lower number of possible polishes, because the valuable wood layer is many times thinner.

The choice of wood species depends more on where the flooring is used, under what conditions it is set up and what loads affect it. Regarding the rock and the type of coating, most types of wood are used, with few exceptions, for both parquet and solid wood. For a parquet panel, ash, beech, pine, birch and oak are the most commonly used.

Oak: the best option for the production of all types of soils. This is the standard for evaluating other types of wood. For strength and hardness, oak is often compared to concrete. The color palette of the wood is wide, there are about 200 shades: from light yellow to dark brown interspersed with green and gray. Over time, the oak has a slightly darker color, which makes it even more luxurious. In the wood, the annual rings are clearly visible.

Solid parquet and oak parquet can be made with or without lacquer. Everything depends on the personal preferences and the style of the interior: a table without lacquer - an option for the Scandinavian and ecological style, with lacquer - for the Rococo style, classic, modern.

The main advantages of oak:

high hardness, strength and durability, abrasion resistance, therefore, oak floors are used not only in homes, but also in restaurants, nightclubs, offices and other places with a large load;
High resistance to fire and moisture, oak wood is not subject to decay and spread of the fungus. Because these characteristics, he found an application in places with high humidity (kitchens, bathrooms and even bathrooms with saunas);
high sound insulation properties;
Excellent aesthetic qualities, beautiful natural pattern.

The disadvantage is only one: a lot of effort, but the investment is worthwhile, because the parquet or the oak panel can lasts for several decades.

Application: Residential and public spaces, corridors, bathrooms, kitchens, saunas and baths.

Ash - direct competitor of oak

From ash are also made and parquet, and a massive board, it is used to make a parquet board - it is equally good in all areas of use. By strength, he even bypasses the oak, and the fact that it is from the ash makes baseball bats and pens of sports equipment, speaks for itself. Wood has a light tint, so it is often used in cases where it is necessary to expand visually the room and bring warmth into it.


High strength, wear resistance and elasticity. Ashes are used to stop gyms, not to mention residential and business facilities;
excellent appearance;
good thermal insulation properties.

At least a high price and low resistance to low temperatures and temperature fluctuations, but for an apartment it will not be a problem.
Application: Residential and business premises, corridor, kitchen, fitness rooms.

High strength, wear resistance and elasticity. Ashes are used to stop gyms, not to mention residential and business facilities; excellent appearance;  good thermal insulation properties.

At least a high price and low resistance to low temperatures and temperature fluctuations, but for an apartment it will not be a problem.
Application: Residential and business premises, corridor, kitchen, fitness rooms.

Siberian larch - durability and moisture resistance

Of all types of cones, larch is the most durable and durable. The unique yield of the wood is explained by the more complicated growing conditions. Under constant exposure to moisture, the larch does not rot, but becomes denser. In strength it is only slightly less than oak, and for more durability it achieves it. In many European monuments with a hundred-year history, larch soils are still preserved. Also, the stacks on which Venice was built are of this breed.

old durability; Moisture resistance, mold and mildew resistance thanks to unique antiseptic properties. Larch wood is used to organize sources, terraces, bathrooms and bathrooms; Hardness and wear resistance allows the use of larch in restaurants, shops and sports halls;   It has more than 10 different shades, it perfectly preserves the color and texture, it does not blacken.

It is worthwhile that larch is more expensive than pine, but the yield is not comparable at all. If you look at longevity and resistance to all negative factors, larch can be considered a very worthwhile investment. It is only important to choose the right treated wood, otherwise a substantial part of the natural properties will be lost. You can trust the products of the company "Lesinter", presented on the site The manufacturer specializes in the production of Siberian larch wood, has its own resource base, has the latest equipment and offers products not only in Russia, but also in the United States. U., Japan and Western Europe. In the assortment of the company there is a wooden floor and a massive larch table, as well as a terrace, a board, a lining, a log cabin and other products. All products meet European quality standards.

Softwood: pine, spruce and fir

Pine, spruce and fir wood has gained popularity due to its low cost. If the funds allow, it's better to stop at other races. Use softwood in rooms where it is not common to walk with shoes. It creates a solid table and a floor (it is important that the elements have a connection likes a groove), and it is also used to make different layers of a parquet plate.

The properties of softwood are far from ideal, so its use is very limited:
Pine is characterized by the presence of a large amount of resin, which protects the wood from rot, has an excellent appearance, has a high vapor permeability, and releases phytoncides into the air, which is a natural antiseptic. The main disadvantage is the low hardness, so that even approximately heavy furniture feet can leave marks. The use is permitted in bedrooms and living rooms;
Spruce is even weaker than pine, so it is extremely rare to produce a floor covering;
Spruce is cheap, looks good, has healthy properties, does not tend to cry and does not cry at high temperatures, but fears moisture and has little resistance. As a floor covering we recommend no fir.

Alder: durability and benefits
For strength and durability, alder is not much worse than oak, has healing properties.
Resistance to deformation; The tannins contained in the wood have a positive influence on the microclimate of the room; adequate resistance to moisture.
Scope of application: bedroom, living room, children, bathroom.

Aspen - excellent moisture resistance

Trembling aspen wood is rarely used and is primarily related to superstition. But if you include common sense, you can find many positive qualities. This is the way to make the different parts of the bathroom.

Maple - strength and elasticity

The maple wood is considered one of the brightest and gets under the sunshine a pleasant golden tone. The main advantages of the unique model, hardness, bending strength, elasticity, but the use of a maple on board with differences in moisture content is recommended, so this floor is only used in rooms and salons, and it is not very common

Cedar: expensive and reliable
Much of the cedar wood is exported, so it's not so easy to get here, and it's expensive. Cedar is valued for its many benefits:

Resistance to high temperatures and humidity due to the special fiber structure of the wood;
high content of medicinal essential oils in wood; high strength and durability.
Application: Houses, kitchens, bathrooms, saunas, bathrooms.

Exotic tree species

The wood of exotic trees usually has exceptional operating characteristics and an unique pattern and color, but it also costs a lot. If the decorations allow you to decorate the interior in an unusual way, you can choose one of your many exotic breeds:

Merbau - the most popular breed among all exotic memories, oak for strength and resistance to high humidity. Appearance is a distinguishing feature. The wood has a complex pattern and the color of orange to almost golden brown, the shade has a property with time to change;

Zebrano - a very strong, dense and easy-to-use wood tree that has gained a lot of popularity because of its color, is dark brown stripes on a light background likes a zebra. The wood is very expensive and the high demand is threatened with extinction;

Rosewood in hardness and density are 2 times more than oak, has a color from brown to dark purple;

Tiger tree was named for its specific color, has the high strength and density, is moisture resistant, has been used in shipbuilding. It is mainly used for parquet production, solid connections are rare;

Bamboo does not apply to trees, but is used to make parquet and parquet boards. The manufacturing technology consists of heating, smoothing the bars and pressing into special chambers. It turns out to be a solid board with an interesting design that is not as expensive as its exotic counterparts, because bamboo is growing fast;

Wenge differs in dark brown to black almost wood. It is strong, firm, easily withstands mechanical influences, resistant to fungi. When the drying technology is broken, the wood starts to crack, so it is very important to be careful when buying it.

Exotic breeds also include Jatoba, Yarra, Sucupira, Mutenia and incredibly strong kempas, as well as water-resistant and iroko-resistant teak. If not exotic, walnuts, pears, cherries and acacia trees can be used, but they are not often used to make floors.

When buying a wooden floor, pay particular attention to the geometry and characteristics of the wood surface: the elements should be easily joined with no cracks, blues and other defects. A manufacturer who praises packs the products into a hard carton and a thermal film. It is worth taking the time to choose and study the market, then decades to enjoy the beautiful grounds

How to wood floor care and maintenance

Wood floors need more maintenance

As we know that wood floor care and maintenance are more expensive than the ceramic floor because the wooden floor is more difficult to take care of tile floors. It is necessary for ways to clean up and cause damage or dirty are difficult to clean

Quality wood floors can last very long if the maintenance is done properly and effectively, especially to protect from scratches and moisture which will reduces the quality of the wood flooring.
Wooden floors should not use water and soap as this will be faster would spoil it.
The most common use is to use a broom and clean up with a vacuum. Use fabric regular moisturizer. Sometimes a lot of dirt is very difficult to be cleaned with a cloths like a regular moisturizer. For that there are several cases of dirt on the hard wood floor must know the cause so it is easy to clean.

Wood floor cleaning must be done carefully, if not stout effects as many black lines that could occur on the floor.
This could be caused by something being dragged up repeatedly, causing black spots..
One way to cope is to sand if it is difficult to clean with water and soap. Sandpaper used to be really soft as 800 grit.

Another cause for example traces of glue on the floor and of course you do not like the possibility of this happening when installing wood flooring.
This is actually how strong varnish and wax wooden stick. You need a good solvent to clean up the wood glue, but do not interfere with wood that has been installed properly. Of course you try it first as a window cleaner. If you still cannot also be tried by WD-40.

To clean the wood floor there is also the use of vinyl or acrylic. The use of such materials can result in increasingly dull floors and slippery.

Another case that arises is when you sweep appears stripes and sometimes there are also spots.
For that you vacuum cleaner and to a certain area should use carpet. The use of a vacuum cleaner must also comply with the recommendations.

Commercial cleaning can be done with professional services using a regular wax to wooden floors. Thus the dirt will stick to the wax on the floor so that cleaning is not so difficult even if impurities such as oil and spill food or drink. So is protected from scratches on the floor.

Companies that provide services in cleaning the floors would have a very experienced and well-informed about the causes and how to clean different types of dirt and cause damage as well as how to care for hardwood floors properly.


Laminate good or bad

Good or bad laminate wood depends on the design

Laminate wood flooring good or bad can be determined by several factors . It is related to the design and also with the installation . The design forms a very broad and flexible be a distinct advantage . Weakness in ordinary wood can be covered with laminate wood because it has several layers such as scratch-resistant coating as the topmost layer . Wood laminates are artificial materials with technological advances so that this material has the advantage . This material does not fade and is resistant to UV . The advantages of laminate flooring a popular material for modern home interior design .

Installation is also relatively quickly because it is the pieces that can be fitted together for the entire floor . Moreover, if installed by a professional services that work can be done more quickly . Installation costs are also relatively low .
You can also DIY follow the installation instructions in accordance with the thickness of each material and get tips for laying.
Manufacturers like Armstrong , Pergo will provide color and texture and very good quality . Before shopping you do a review on the internet .

Laminated wood flooring is the main material is solid wood made of several parts that are stacked so that it blends with high pressure and at high temperature to create the wood that can be used for home flooring . The top layer is made a sort of anti-scratch coating with making special protective making it suitable for high traffic passed . The next layer is attached to the first layer .
For the third layer is the core layer has a layer that is strong because it is made with solid fibers and old prisoners in its use . For the last layer is the layer to support layer that is used to support the layer above it . Another uniqueness of this material you do not need glue or nails to reattach .

Depending than the usual type of wood laminated wood prices are usually cheaper . Especially when compared to teak wood is expensive , then laminated wood can be an option . Available colors such as black , gray . The price offered is also relatively inexpensive . The author is widely spread in various countries .
Generally  sale  can shop like in Kansas City , Las Vegas , Menards , Houston , Jacksonville fl , Miami , Dallas TX and generally always provide such liquidators Lumber , Home Depot , and also known in some countries of Jakarta , Johannesburg , Northern Ireland , NZ , Oklahoma city , Zimbabwe and so on .

The use of the house can be used on the entire room including the kitchen , basement, on the stairs , can be installed over concrete , and some even use it for a bathroom floor .
For maintenance and how to clean  are also relatively easy . You can suck the dust with a vacuum cleaner . Spills such as tea , coffee or food splashes can be cleaned easily . You can also wipe it with warm water for stubborn dirt with a little soap or detergent and all that of course you can do yourself .

The use of laminate flooring will make your room bigger impression . You also use a carpet layer thereon . You can also with wood , tile , engineered and so on , especially in the price as well as its advantages and disadvantages . Choice of decor by using laminate flooring you can match the color to be selected will feel the comfort and charm . You can also do a combination of materials with other materials to each room its own material in accordance with its use .
Another advantage is laminate flooring is environmentally friendly means the materials that can be recycled .

Disadvantages of wood flooring

Wood has advantages and disadvantages

Disadvantages of wood flooring is a case of a drastic change in temperature will cause the wood flooring can expand so uneven and too uncomfortable.
Porous nature of wood that is easy due to termites so it should get special treatment when they wanted would be installed. Humidity is also very big influence on resulting in easily weathered wood.
Besides wood flooring is also easily scratched or taxable pet paws. Women's high heel shoes can also damage wood flooring.

After all wood floors have become popular for many centuries are a natural substance that is used on the floor.
Hardwood flooring for example have long been tested and has been used for one good solution to the floor because this material is very strong and durable.
The use of natural stone floors like material provides a natural atmosphere, as well as wood flooring that is also rich with character and history.

Sharp increase in the use of wood is to do engineering on the wooden floor laminate flooring with the appearance in recent years. Composite materials make the price more affordable with a limited budget. With the composite material so that the properties of materials can be engineered as more robust so that more matches in which the use of native timber is not suitable for certain areas such as moisture, scratch resistance and so forth.

Maintenance of wood flooring is more difficult than other types of flooring such as ceramic or porcelain and the price is also more expensive than vinyl or ceramic.
Another consideration in selecting the wood material is to be in accordance with the area to be used in your home. Wood material does not match the area that is often exposed to water such as kitchens and bathrooms. Also humidity floor must be the concern you when you want to install or replace wood for the floors in your home.

Although wood flooring has a weakness, floorboards have a value that can really change your lifestyle and lasting if properly maintained.

Carpet for stairs

For safety on wood floors on carpet-lined stairs
Carpet for stairs is one accessory for your room. Of course you have a conventional ladder. The main function is to increase the safety and beauty of your home. Materials for stair carpet flexible material and has strong especially the ladder of high traffic. The color of the material is not easy to fade. Function of carpeting also dampens noise when you climb the stairs.

The intended use of the carpet on the stairs are not slippery so make stairs safer when you climb the stairs on the other hand makes it convenient at the soles of the feet. Another thing is to see the ladder to become more attractive to become the overall decor of the room. You also can use your preferred motif.

Stairs to the house to be a very important part of your home if it had stairs. Function of the staircase is connecting one floor to the other floors and. One important factor is security if you or a family who uses the ladder, especially for parents and children alike. Stairs should have a strong grip and a floor safe or not slippery. Floor stairs should be safe even if made of any material such as wood, ceramic and so on.

Stairs can be properly designed so that the ladder is the interior of the house. For that you need to make perfect calculations so that the ladder will be beautify your room decor.

One criterion for a good ladder is if we do not get tired when walking on it. Most people underestimate the design of stairs, but the stairs are actually designed in accordance with the conditions of the home can be very confusing, especially room in the house is quite narrow so the stairs are quite steep to be climbed. Designers to create different variations of ladder stairs that you can choose according to the condition of your home. You can adjust the condition of the home and your taste.

One concern is the beauty of the designer. Good stair design will adds beauty to the home. Various designs they make, ranging from the structure of the steel ladder or make an unique staircase made of wood. The main criteria of the design of the stairs are not going to cause a sense of fear when you ride. Stairs should be able to sustain the burden of stationary objects and moving.

Some accessories are also used on the ladder for comfort and creates a feeling that is more secure as the carpet on the stairs. Aims to reduce slip when you climb the stairs. This will be increasingly important if you use a wooden ladder. With the use of stair carpet will reduce scratches and extend the life of your household. Besides the kids and pets like dogs and cats that will accelerates the deterioration of your household if you do not make as carpet upholstery. Carpet installation is very easy and you can do yourself. Also very easy to clean. One product from Amazon can be your consideration.

Stairs is one of the investment in your home. For that you also have to protect it. One way is to use a graceful effect on your home. For you must think about its security and comfort by using carpet for stairs


Wooden floor lamp

Wood materials for lamps are very diverse

Wooden floor lamp has an elegant antique trend that they bring into the room. Wood floor usually combined with a floor lamp. Lighting manufacturers create designs by imitating the style of the flowers to conform with antique home decor.

Various types of lights will adorn the antique gold plated wooden floor with a cloth stained glass lampshades. In addition, many are made of brass which has been very popular as a floor lamp. Sometimes an antique lamp is very difficult to find a price that is more expensive depending on the history and design.

Antique lamps to floor rarely selected for the main lighting. This lamp is more often used as an esthetics.
In addition there are also other unique floor lamps like lamp paper to wooden flooring. Such design provides an unique lamp for your wood floors.
Modern design for wood flooring suitable for any room.

Lights for a lot of wood flooring is also made of wood with a variety of paintings that give the feel of warmth in the modern floor lamp.
Floor lamp is also known for serving the art that other forms of lights appeared sometimes bizarre, creative and unusual. lights such as planetary design, animal horns, petrified wood and so forth.
Some of the old floor lamp with a specific art movement with colorful handicrafts made by adding certain characteristics.

The other user, What makes wooden table lamps ideal for a specific room? The color of the base of the lamp can be an excellent pick point, but sufficiently remarkable; There are other design details that are also important for choosing the best lamp to enhance a space. The selection must take into account the four elements of the interior lighting: ambient lighting, workplace lighting, accent lighting and decoration style.

During the day, much of the ambient lighting (also called general lighting) comes from the light entering through the windows. Table lamps fill some dark spots in the room. At night, these lamps are an excellent source of ambient lighting, provided the screen has some transparency.

Work lighting is also an important aspect of lighting selection when you need to focus the light on a specific object to improve the view. The lamps can be used to illuminate a specific area, such as a desk lamp or a night lamp. Table lamps provide mood and work lighting.

Table lamp accent lighting refers to lighting that illuminates a particular part of the room, such as a buffet table, lobby table, or any other place where attention is attracted to a particular area. Table lamps with energy-saving lamps or opaque shades are a good source of accent lighting.

Lamps are usually not furniture around which a room was designed. They are, however, an important accessory in bringing together the design as a whole and completing the style of the room. Wooden table lamps come in various finishes and finishes and are ideal for bringing heat to the room. If the room has bright colors, a lacquered wood lamp or a dark wood lamp may be more appropriate. If the design of the room is quieter and more subtle, a lighter lamp could be more appropriate.

The important thing is setting the mood or atmosphere in a room. Proper lighting will add to the attraction of your room. Ceiling lights will be serving a functional purpose. Lamps other aims to display their creativity.


Wooden Aberdeen

Wood is most often used for furniture
Wooden Aberdeen is one option for a variety of products with many options. You may have a difficulty choosing products that suit your home, whether you choose wood products that are similar to ceramic or stone. For that you can consult with a professional decorator so that you get the kind of look that suits the desire for a variety of needs in your home.

Choosing wooden Aberdeen to your home will brings health benefits as well as for you. Their products have smooth surface and does not collect dust and other microorganisms that will reduces allergies in your family. With a product likes this will reduces the use of carpet as a floor covering. Engineered flooring is actually made of plywood or ceramic tiles are sealed which consists of several layers.

For example Aberdeen laminate flooring is very similar to hardwood flooring and tile. You easily fooled if your eyes are not trained. Advantages of choosing this floor will reduces the cost and you will get a beautiful floor in a cost-efficient. You can design and install the wood flooring throughout your residence. You will get a cohesive interior design that is comparable to that class. With careful maintenance you will get a beautiful floor and does not fade is not like other flooring products.

Products from Aberdeen also resistant to high humidity so you can also wear it in all the rooms inside your home. This is possible because of the help of high technology and experienced installers. With engineered materials that are resistant to moisture, stains and scratches.
If you intend to use it should you also have to check first with the manufacturer does not violate the provisions of the warranty terms they offer.

You can choose the interior design of your home with flooring and engineered wood products unleavened Aberdeen furniture that suits your needs. Aberdeen wood products consist of a variety of options such as the furniture to the floor. Choose the right color and texture. With easy to install then you have the option to replace your furniture or floor if there is a push for it.


Hardwood floor designs

Wooden floor designs can be made various kinds
The design of hardwood flooring is one idea to use wood for the floor of your house. One consideration is the budget that you provide to it. Wood floors will offer a variety of quality with different price. However you have to maintain your wood floor price despite how expensive your wood floors. For that you need to protect and manage your wood floors.

Wood flooring is flooring that has been long known. Wood flooring is a luxurious and stylish are the best choices for the floor of a house.

Wooden floors have different types, depending on the type of wood used as engineered wood flooring, hardwood flooring, solid wood. All types of wood flooring with different colors and marvelous proper placement for the location.

One of the preferred style is hardwood flooring, available with wood quality as well as color and design. Design with hardwood floors will add beauty to the area specifically use on the floor.
Types of hardwood flooring is one of the park design using hardwood floor boards. Style by using this wood can be installed in various ways by applying different patterns that will give you an amazing look. To use a small area you can adjust the width of the board to fit the area that you install.

The size of the timber can use to mix the sizes available. You have to adjust to the area that you will install so you use a board with different sizes and patterns that will brings an unique impression, if arranged with artistic flavor.

Hardwood board has a ring of concentric circles that form a circle cause. You can use the circle in the middle of the room so that it will draw attention to the floor. This style is a traditional style commonly used in the center gives the same pattern that will form coordination.

Style can be done with wooden terrace made of wood and also carpet. The goal is to separate a room with others. You can also herringbone to the edge of the room to form different patterns.
You can be creative with more creative by using hardwood patterns. Floor of your house will be very different and elegant and can be used in a long time.