How to wood floor care and maintenance

As we know that wood floor care and maintenance are more expensive than the ceramic floor because the wooden floor is more difficult to take care of tile floors. It is necessary for ways to clean up and cause damage or dirty are difficult to clean

Quality wood floors can last very long if the maintenance is done properly and effectively, especially to protect from scratches and moisture which will reduces the quality of the wood flooring.
Wooden floors should not use water and soap as this will be faster would spoil it.
The most common use is to use a broom and clean up with a vacuum. Use fabric regular moisturizer. Sometimes a lot of dirt is very difficult to be cleaned with a cloths like a regular moisturizer. For that there are several cases of dirt on the hard wood floor must know the cause so it is easy to clean.

Wood floor cleaning must be done carefully, if not stout effects as many black lines that could occur on the floor.
This could be caused by something being dragged up repeatedly, causing black spots..
One way to cope is to sand if it is difficult to clean with water and soap. Sandpaper used to be really soft as 800 grit.

Another cause for example traces of glue on the floor and of course you do not like the possibility of this happening when installing wood flooring.
This is actually how strong varnish and wax wooden stick. You need a good solvent to clean up the wood glue, but do not interfere with wood that has been installed properly. Of course you try it first as a window cleaner. If you still cannot also be tried by WD-40.

To clean the wood floor there is also the use of vinyl or acrylic. The use of such materials can result in increasingly dull floors and slippery.

Another case that arises is when you sweep appears stripes and sometimes there are also spots.
For that you vacuum cleaner and to a certain area should use carpet. The use of a vacuum cleaner must also comply with the recommendations.

Commercial cleaning can be done with professional services using a regular wax to wooden floors. Thus the dirt will stick to the wax on the floor so that cleaning is not so difficult even if impurities such as oil and spill food or drink. So is protected from scratches on the floor.

Companies that provide services in cleaning the floors would have a very experienced and well-informed about the causes and how to clean different types of dirt and cause damage as well as how to care for hardwood floors properly.