Disadvantages of wood flooring

Disadvantages of wood flooring is a case of a drastic change in temperature will cause the wood flooring can expand so uneven and too uncomfortable.
Porous nature of wood that is easy due to termites so it should get special treatment when they wanted would be installed. Humidity is also very big influence on resulting in easily weathered wood.
Besides wood flooring is also easily scratched or taxable pet paws. Women's high heel shoes can also damage wood flooring.

After all wood floors have become popular for many centuries are a natural substance that is used on the floor.
Hardwood flooring for example have long been tested and has been used for one good solution to the floor because this material is very strong and durable.
The use of natural stone floors like material provides a natural atmosphere, as well as wood flooring that is also rich with character and history.

Sharp increase in the use of wood is to do engineering on the wooden floor laminate flooring with the appearance in recent years. Composite materials make the price more affordable with a limited budget. With the composite material so that the properties of materials can be engineered as more robust so that more matches in which the use of native timber is not suitable for certain areas such as moisture, scratch resistance and so forth.

Maintenance of wood flooring is more difficult than other types of flooring such as ceramic or porcelain and the price is also more expensive than vinyl or ceramic.
Another consideration in selecting the wood material is to be in accordance with the area to be used in your home. Wood material does not match the area that is often exposed to water such as kitchens and bathrooms. Also humidity floor must be the concern you when you want to install or replace wood for the floors in your home.

Although wood flooring has a weakness, floorboards have a value that can really change your lifestyle and lasting if properly maintained.