Save the forests and use materials that can be recycled

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Engineered wood is one of sustainable floors

This is due to the fact that the engineered wood is a small portion of solid wood and the rest is recycled, and is a sustainable floor. Many examples of good types of wood are increasingly scarce to find a case of old barn wood and are no longer sustainable.

Actually, there are many examples of non-wood sustainable wood, such as rubber, ceramics, stone and carpet. Fortunately, this sustainable floor has a lot of variety so you don't need to worry.

The use of wood as a floor is increasingly popular because it keeps warm, not letting noise with a variety of styles you can use so that it appears completely natural. Materials used such as laminate, porcelain, linoleum is good enough to be used for sustainable materials.Another advantage of this wood.

Sustainable wood is one of the popular choices for flooring today

Wood flooring does not tolerate changes in temperature, humidity and pollution, however many wooden floors also lack with many advantages.
Wooden floors are the most common renewable material from which we can build floors. The amount of sustainable forest management allows us to harvest wood without having a serious impact on our environment. Trees are a renewable resource that we can use for a long time.

According to the Department of Agriculture's Forest Service, the current average annual hardwood growth is greater than the annual average harvest. Indoor air quality is better for wooden floors, since no carpet fibers and joint lines are used in which dust, particles, animals and other allergens accumulate.

Wooden floors are the most common renewable material from which we can build floors. The amount of sustainable forest management allows us to harvest wood without having a serious impact on our environment. Trees are a renewable resource that we can use for a long time.

According to the Department of Agriculture's Forest Service, the current average annual hardwood growth is greater than the annual average harvest. Indoor air quality is better for wooden floors, since no carpet fibers and joint lines are used in which dust, particles, animals and other allergens accumulate.

Parquet is a durable material that reduces the demands of our ecosystem during its life cycle. Some say that sustainable soils help create a safer and healthier building.Several initiatives have shown why this type of soil is a healthy option. According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, people who are allergic to dust or other particles often choosing flooring with smooth surfaces such as hardwood, linoleum, vinyl, natural stone tiles or slate.

If you want to reduce your environmental impact, the use of real wood floors has very little impact on the environment in terms of raw materials and the natural resources required to harvest and process wood into a finished product.

Manufacturers design wooden floors to ensure a stable, even fit. They don't accumulate much dirt and are fairly easy to clean. The natural beauty of wood will never go out of style. Choosing a high-quality wooden floor always helps to increase the value of your home. It is so attractive for home buyers that the chances of a faster sale and a higher selling price increase significantly.

The carbon absorbed during the growth cycle of a tree is retained even after it is installed. The carbon stays out of the atmosphere until the wood eventually becomes a fuel source or is recycled for other projects. People use recycled wood to build floors from a variety of sources, including wood found in rivers, old warehouses, barns, wine barrels, railroad cars, and mine shafts.

Installation of laminate wood flooring

The National Association of Home Builders says that wooden floors can last for hundreds of years and don't need to be replaced as often as any other floor option available. Since most trees take at least forty to sixty years to mature, the number of trees planted is no longer used for at least one hundred years.

The National Association of Hardwood Floors has published a life cycle analysis of solid wood for floors. The study covers the entire cycle from planting in the forest to harvest, the manufacturing process and installation of the product until it is no longer suitable for coating. I usually.

The report also shows that of all currently available floor coverings, parquet is the only renewable raw material available. In addition, the manufacturing process that converts wood to flooring uses less water and energy than other flooring. Often wet, the residue of the product is used differently. Manufacturing plants will reuse water to heat boilers and burn wood chips and sawdust to generate energy for the manufacturing process. This means that very little material ends up in landfills as waste and what is left is always biodegradable.

The strength and durability of the wooden floors is almost zero. If you lay an oven-dried, high-standard floor, it will last for generations. Restored floors last much longer than other types of floors such as carpets, tiles and vinyl. If other floors look tired and worn, wooden floors will become more beautiful and precious over time. Unlike carpet and vinyl, you can restore hardwood and don't have to replace it when the finish is worn out.

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Problem with refinish wood floor

Everyone wants to know how to refinish wood floors.  Although there are also many problems, fortunately, this is a fairly simple process that doesn't involve many steps at all. By taking the time to learn how to do it yourself, you can save a lot of money and achieve the same results that you get from professional service if you are willing to make the effort and patience to make it the best project ever. .

1. Professional Experts to Do-It-Yourself Work.
2. When must wood floors be replaced or renewed?.
3. What to expect.

1. Professional Experts to Do-It-Yourself Work.

Home improvement
Some problems with wood floors can be done alone

When it comes to renovating hardwood floors, few people can do it themselves. With better tools and modern machines, this has become much easier, but the task remains complicated and can cost a lot of time and effort.

Whether you are a weekend warrior or an expert on renovations, finishing the floor can be a difficult problem. You need to take the time to understand the tools and processes in order to get the best end result at all times.

First, you must have the right tools. Manual grinding works well if you have all the time in the world and all the motivation you can muster. However, if you prefer a faster method, you can hire a grinder. You can find them at many home improvement stores and tool rental stores, where you can rent them by the day or by the hour.

There are two types of sanders commonly used to finish wooden floors: drum sanders and disc sanders. Some people prefer the orbital sander, but if not used with care, it can leave circular marks on the ground. The drum grinder is better for the less experienced.

For the first sanding round you must first use a coarse or medium sized sandpaper. If you've made the most of the finish, you can use thinner paper to get the finishing touches. Be careful with the nail heads, the remaining carpets are too high if there are carpets in the room, staples and other things that might bother you.

After thoroughly inspecting and sweeping the area, you can start sanding. When the ceiling is finished, you will need to use a hand grinder or a small electric grinder to get the edges and small areas of the floor that the grinder can not reach.

As a rule, only a few turns of the room with the sander are required to obtain a smooth floor and to paint the wooden floors. However, if there is too much accumulation, it may take more effort.

2. When must wood floors be replaced or renewed.

Home improvement
Replacement of wood floors is needed if it cannot be repaired
Over the years, soils may be opaque and in some cases damaged. Many external forces can damage a floor, e.g. As water damage or high traffic areas that have lost their surface.

The decision to really invest money in the floor of your home is only half the battle. If you have decided to do something about it, you still have to decide whether to stop it or replace it completely.

Many old houses have beautiful old floors that can be sanded, repaired and sealed several times. This type of soil offers a unique patina that only occurs in aged wood. Although it is possible to give an old floor its original shine, most old houses have repair problems that need to be resolved beforehand.

After decades of seasonal change, a house will "settle" and the beams of the building may yield slightly. When a house settles, the wooden floor can sometimes show cracks or signs of deformation. A house in this condition can make the repair of the wooden floor very difficult.

If a house has resolved all the underlying issues, the floor can be re-polished. In some cases, it can not be repainted more than twice. Design floors consist of several layers of wood that adhere to each other. Once the upper layer of wood has been sanded, the underlying layers of wood are exposed, effectively destroying the wood.

A popular alternative material is oak parquet. Oak floors not only offer unparalleled beauty, but also durability under extreme conditions. Choosing laminate flooring on solid boards not only saves thousands of dollars in installation costs, but oak flooring will last for several generations before being replaced.

If you've ever thought about replacing or renovating the wood floors of your home, think again. Equipping or replacing the ground requires hours of intensive work. From the various rework tools to the repair time, the ground repair is a huge job!

Research first! With all the online resources, you can easily find out about all major manufacturers and the various product types available. Once you have researched and located the type of wood flooring you want, you can search for a local flooring that will sort and assemble the floor for you.

The laying and finishing of wooden floors is the No. 1 in the living area. The newly renovated apartments not only add value to the property, but also create a unique environment that is specifically tailored to the vision of your home. The best improvements for your home!

3. What to expect.

Home improvement
Maximum results are expected

Another case if you want to use a contractor. Wooden floors are considered one of the most durable and modern types of floors that you can buy for your home. Contractors have many options to help you if you want to renovate hardwood floors. In this article, you will learn about some of the methods used by contractors to renovate the floor of your home.

The contractor must first ensure that it provides the materials needed to complete the wooden floors. This is important to ensure the safety of the people who walk on these grounds every day. The finishing specialists who do the work for you make sure they have all the tools and materials needed for this job. However, this does not mean that you have to sit in the back of the back when the unit is doing its job. On the contrary, you may need help creating your own tools and materials.

Depending on the type of work required to renovate the wooden floors, the team can hire a grinder to join the group. It is the responsibility of the grinder to ensure that the floor surface in question is properly prepared for the finest and most complicated steps. As the term implies, the grinder is primarily responsible for removing paint from the soil surface. If there are wood polishing layers on the surface, the grinder is also responsible for cleaning the surface.

After the first sanding operation, the contractors must treat the scratches remaining on the surface in the previous step. Grinders typically use medium grit tools for this process. This will ensure that the surface becomes smooth. Most grinding machines finish their work at this time. However, if the soil was initially damaged more than superficially, the contractors can resort to additional sandblasting.

Most of the surface is spent on the grinding process. On average, it takes about two or three days. The rest of the time is assigned to the last touches. Ultimately, contractors need to clean the area of ​​debris generated by grinding. At this point, the contractors apply the wood polish to the surface and spread it over the entire surface. You will continue to apply another layer of protective substance over the entire surface. This ensures that the soil remains intact for a long time. The rest of the time is spent drying.

These are just a few of the procedures that contractors perform to ultimately benefit from the results of finishing parquet floors. Most of these procedures must be performed by professionals to extend the life of the soil. Attempting to replicate these methods can lead to a faster deterioration of the parquet.

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Which wood is best for kitchen cabinets

A kitchen seems incomplete without the cabinets. You now have endless options for choosing cabinets in your kitchen. These are, among other things, the most important aspects of cooking. These can also increase the value of your kitchen as well as your home. These serve for the storage of food, but also for crockery and cutlery. These are the most versatile objects for your kitchen. . Now you can rebuild your kitchen for a lower price.

In the closets you will find different styles and colors. These cabinets are made of wood or glass. However, the most famous and useful are the wooden cabinets. They can be maple or cherry or oak or walnut or birch. People prefer wooden cabinets because they are easier to maintain than glass cabinets.

1. Wood options for kitchen cabinets.
2. Procure forests for kitchen cupboards.
3. Decorative options for kitchen cabinet doors.
        3.1. Equipment.
        3.2. Color.
        3.3. Textures, sizes or cuts.

1. Wood options for kitchen cabinets.

Various designs and materials available for kitchen cabinets
Kitchen cabinets are the most important and notable feature. They determine the mood and tone of the kitchen and also play an important role in the functionality of a kitchen. Choosing the right wood for cabinets is an essential element in creating the overall feel of a kitchen. The choice of wood depends largely on light sources. So, if you choose wood and finish, the homeowner will want to know which wood source and finishes best use the available light and look: walnut, oak, and maple.

For a variety of reasons, Maple is currently one of the most popular options for kitchen cabinets. The maple has a subtle, even grain that gives the maple cabinets a smooth, clean look. Due to its grain, it is also an excellent option for dyeing or painting. Maple is a hardwood and therefore lasts longer than other softer woods.

The most popular option for cabinets in recent years was probably oak. It has a rich texture that can be very pronounced in dark spots. Beautiful cereal is a selling point for many. Because of its popularity, someone looking for more exclusive companies will want to find another place. Like maple, oak is a hardwood and therefore durable.

Cherry is another popular choice of wood, especially in luxury kitchens. Cherry may be a bit more expensive but is a nice and elegant option. The grain is smooth and even, which makes it ideal for stains. Although it can be dyed in many colors, the dark brown red is the most popular.

These are three of the most popular options for wooden cabinets. However, there are many other options that include alder, walnut, mahogany, and pine. It is possible for an owner to see patterns and showrooms before choosing the most suitable wood option for the kitchen.

2. Procure forests for kitchen cupboards.

Ebony is also widely used for kitchen cabinets

Knowing which woods are available in the markets specifically for kitchen cabinets is a great resource to have before buying them. This will give you an idea of ​​the woods that interest you, and will fit in with all the themes of your kitchen decoration.

We start with the most expensive woods and the highest quality, such as mahogany, walnut and ebony. Mahogany wood comes from the west coast of Africa and is colored reddish brown. The grain is straight or it can be a mixture of both. It colors very well and keeps its color. A disadvantage of using this wood is that it is not known for its durability and is not resistant.

Forests called Ebony are named for their darker black or brown tones. The most beautiful of them is African ebony. Many high-end furniture designers use them for their best pieces. The irregular and sometimes curly grain effects give it even more atmosphere. It is durable and dense but can sometimes be fragile.

The mother has a few variations to choose from. The most popular is the American walnut, which is transported to North and South America. It is a dark brown heartwood, which darkens with age. The density of the wood is strong, durable and of average quality. The use of the dye on this wood is charming and retains its appearance.

The white pine comes in two types of colors, a beige color and of course a white color. This wood is much easier to prepare and dye or paint than the Ponderosa pine, which you can also find in today's markets.

Other woods that are sparing in silver and that give cabinets an extraordinary look are cherry, oak and maple wood. In times of economic scarcity, we always have to have some nice cabinets, but we have to make sure that we do not use our budget to catch up with them.

Oakwood has up to 200 different species that you can choose from when buying. The most popular is the heartwood, which has a beautiful brownish yellow hue. This wood is very easy to paint and easy to prepare. The grains are mostly straight, but some can be found inside with crossover effects. It is a very resistant and high density wood.

Maple wood can be found with at least ten different species of wood. In the maple syrup group, the softer maple trees are best suited for making cupboards. They are also best seen when colored or painted. Rock maple is the toughest and has a higher quality than the softer maple.

Cherry wood is one of the most popular woods in kitchen cabinets. It's perfect with flamboyant pinks and reds and stains that add to those effects. Over the years, when the sun shines on the wood, the color becomes even darker and more beautiful for you and your guests to admire. It is extremely durable and retains color when applied.

3. Decorative options for kitchen cabinet doors.

The kitchen is well advanced. It is possible to obtain almost any style and design you can imagine, with prices certainly varying according to your specific needs and desires. While some people can assemble and disassemble a fully equipped kitchen, others simply want a quick renewal to change the look of a room. One of the fastest and most economical options to change the look of a kitchen is to change the look of kitchen cabinet doors.

Surprisingly, because many people believe that life in the room will not renew or because it will change the look of kitchen cabinet doors, they are neglected. There are several options that change not only the look of a kitchen, but also for every budget.

3.1. Equipment.

In the kitchen cupboards there are many other equipment needed

One of the simplest ways to quickly change the look of a small kitchen and work budget is to change accessories. Whatever style is desired, be it rustic, modern or artistic, any change immediately brings out that feeling.

Regardless of the color and style of the kitchen cabinet doors, changing accessories become something new. Elegant glass or polished metal accessories give you a clean, modern look, vintage iron or brass fittings for an aged, rustic look, and even the option of getting colored plastic accessories add a fun-filled feel to the kitchen.

3.2. Color.

The color of the kitchen cabinet can be chosen according to each taste
Changing the color of kitchen cabinet doors is a surefire way to radically change the kitchen. Either by changing the doors to new dynamics or painting on existing colors, there are hundreds of colors to choose from. To give the kitchen a fresh and dynamic look, choose bright colors such as cream, mint, light blue, orange or yellow. Choose dark tones like black, gray or black for a sleek, modern look. Cabinet looks natural, especially if they are in wood, in a simple wood stain or in polish. This creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere, similar to traditional cuisine.

3.3. Textures, sizes or cuts.

The size of the kitchen determines the size of the kitchen cabinet and the type to be chosen

Textures are another way to spice up a kitchen and can be as subtle or refined as you like. With wooden cabinet doors, you can get a professional to add decorative sculptures and artistic cuts for a truly unique look. Another easy way is to add decorative moldings for a quick change.

Other fun options are glass windows that can be smooth, coffee in curtain shape, frozen or textured. Each style depends on personal preferences and whether the contents of the cabinets should be visible or completely hidden. The wonderful thing about glass is that it can also offer a wide range of colorants and a blend of tinted glass and metal details to meet all style requirements.

While the latest options in a kitchen seem more expensive, bear in mind that you should not change closets to renovate a room. Mixing cabinet door styles is a great way to divide large spaces and provide a new look. Some cabinet doors may have glass windows, while others may have subtle carvings

If you still do not know which wood you choose for your kitchen, you can browse some models of kitchen cabinets on the internet. You can also ask your dealer for the best kitchen furniture. Choose your cabinets wisely as they can be expensive if they are changed every few months.

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Wood property development

To start plunging into the property business, especially timber, at least there are things that must be considered by prospective developers, so that it can be used for business people who want to try their luck in the wood property business. The following needs to be considered before building or buying wood property


1. Choose a property as an investment.
2. Why choose wood and how it works?.
3. Factors that influence wood resistance.

1. Choose a property as an investment.

Property is an attractive business but material made of wood
If you buy, buy, improve and sell a property as a good investment, this is an art and requires skills that are very different from buying a property. Do it well and you can make a decent amount: make it bad. You will end up with a financial mill around your neck!

Key points in choosing an investment property:
Have a defined budget right from the start and stick to it. He must have a hard heart and not let the perceived character of a property influence your choice, so that the renovation of the property saves time. Move out!

Always have a contingent fund of about 15% ready to allow for unexpected problems or a delay in selling the property.

Decide what kind of person will sell the property before choosing the property. A professional couple would rather have a modern home (modern kitchen, bathroom, parquet, etc.) near the workplace, downtown, and shopping. A family is looking for a more neutral decoration scheme (with which they can put their own stamp), with good transport links, parking lots and close to a good school.

Check what kind of people live in the area: what is the average income? What is the average job type? All these factors together make up your target market.

Find out what properties in your area are being sold how many times and use this information to determine the number of renovations you are making on the property. Each area has an unofficial limit on how much a property is sold. No matter what you do or add to a property, it is unlikely that you can sell the property beyond that limit. Check how long the property is on the market: If it's been on the market for more than a few months, it's unlikely to bring benefits.

Examine the neighborhood: The nature of the neighborhood is an important factor in the success or failure of a development project. You will find a property that needs little color, new carpets and the installation of a new kitchen and bathroom. However, if the property is in a degraded area with a high crime rate, it is unlikely to be sold, no matter what. You do it - go away.

Check the condition of the property: visit the accommodation several times with dealers such as plumbers, electricians, carpenters, humidity control companies, many of whom will provide free estimates that will provide a valuable indication of the quality of the property type of problems and renovations. It can cost you a lot. Although this is an important first step, it is not possible for a surveyor to conduct a survey of the property after selecting the property.

For example, if you're looking for a two-bedroom home to convert it into a three-bedroom home by building a two-story extension, check out the other properties on the road , or not This may be because it is difficult to obtain planning permission for such extension of the municipal council. The title may also contain restrictions or "pacts" that prevent the property from being expanded. It is important to get advice from a transport company experienced in this field.

Property consisting of small houses

If the renovation involves expanding or remodeling a building, it is very likely that planning approval is required. Make sure that the purchase of the property depends on the agreement of the planning. If you make the purchase without the consent of planning as a condition of the contract, you may need to have a good that you can not do anything about.

Check if the property is a protected building or a nature reserve: If the property is in a protected area or if it is a protected building, there are limitations to what you can do with the property. Property. Nature reserves are designed to preserve the character of the area, and you must obtain planning permission before dealing with the property's exterior. If you plan to install replacement PVC windows, it may be rejected, and you may need to install customized, much more expensive sliding windows.

 In the case of a listed building, any modification or repair of the property requires the approval of these buildings and generally requires the use of materials that conform to the original construction. It is possible that these materials may require a large supply or that you need to make them special. The cost of this can easily cancel the project.

Check if the property is owned or leased: If it is leased, you must obtain owner's consent when changing ownership. The owner can not give his consent or ask for a fee.

Make the minimum you need to do to sell the property profitably: keep an eye on the balloon! Remember that this will not be your home. The goal of the project is to sell the property with minimal time savings. If you spend money on unnecessary improvements (eg hot tubs, modern incandescent bulbs) or if you spend too much time on the renovation, you use your profits and you have less money to invest in your next project.

Name a Project Manager: It may be you, or it may be wiser to appoint an experienced contractor or real estate developer. The project manager will supervise the project, negotiate with builders, electricians, installers, etc. and ensure that the work is carried out with the desired quality and schedule.

Trust professionals for expert work: an experienced builder, plumber, carpenter, etc. You'll do the work in a fraction of the time and follow the building codes. Remember the saying, "Time is money"!

When selecting a constructor, always look for references and consider choosing a builder member manufacturer.

Do the basic work yourself: avoid paying for plumbers, construction workers, etc. (from £ 20.00 + hour) to sweep or demolish the wallpaper, do it yourself and let the professionals focus on the work they have been trained to do as quickly as possible.

Write a formal contract with builders and other professionals: It is important that the parties involved in the project know from the outset what is expected of them. Without a formal contract, it is unlikely that you will receive a high payout if something goes wrong. Be very careful with the builder, who is reluctant to sign a formal contract.

Finally, it should always be kept in mind that the longer the property is, the more costs are incurred, among other things, for mortgage payments and interest. The more you spend on the property, the lower the profit from the project, as the sale is always limited.

2. Why choose wood and how it works?.

Wooden houses provide a natural feel
Wood as a sustainable material remains more than just in our tropical forests and is a sanctuary for animals in the wild. Wood supplies the wood that is used to build houses and facilities. Hobbies like sculpture and furniture production and much more. Woodworking and the arts are all about cutting, sawing, grinding, painting, rolling and finishing. Why choose wood? Wood is readily available and a replaceable resource that can represent a significant resale value. This material never goes out of style. Some materials like vinyl can be beautiful and important in the market. However, it is expensive and lacks artistic details. The use of metal would lead to a lack of strength, which causes it to dent in and rust over time.

The optional wood offers a sophisticated and personal look. Each section is as exclusive as fingerprints. Each variety has a different feeling and a clear personality. From an aesthetic point of view, nothing matches the elegance and attractiveness of wood. Synthetic materials mimic wood, but you can only try it. How do you capture quality, intensity and beauty?

Untreated and untreated natural or organic wood has enormous ecological advantages over existing building materials. Wood is 100% biodegradable, acts as an excellent insulator, is easier to process and uses less energy than steel, aluminum, concrete or plastic.

There are many high quality and efficient construction techniques today. Conventionally, the use of wooden frames is not the most efficient method of making houses. While it is undeniable that this has certain advantages. The construction of wooden houses is also economical and profitable. In addition, experienced contractors are not difficult to find when building framed walls.
Wooden houses can also be made as neat and beautiful
Do you prefer to choose carpets, tiles or wood when choosing the right floor for a house? What are the advantages of a carpet? Of course, it is non-slip, comes in beautiful colors and feels good on the toes. The carpet can be anything, but it can cause allergies, especially in children. Due to its texture it captures bacteria, dust and mold. Tiles are easy to clean, but it can get cold when walking barefoot. Hardwood is relatively easy to care for and can reduce the number of particles that cause allergies at home. If you move on a wooden floor, you will appreciate the inviting tones.

The use of wood is not the only thing that exists. The most important part is to know how to choose the material carefully to protect it from termites and decomposition. Outdoor patios or those used for horticulture are for the most part not protected. They are hosted by termites and therefore worsen. There are of course resistant wood species. These species include cedar, Cyprus and redwood. The problems of pest infestation are due to a wood with ground contact. Composite treated wood is recommended when building decks or canopies made of wood or other elements that may come into contact with the ground. There are pressure treated beads which are very resistant to termites, other insects and decomposition. They are treated with a series of pressure cycles that forces the wood preservative into the deepest pores of the wood, forming a chemical barrier against insects and decomposition.

There is treated wood whose performance has been judged to be satisfactory. The shelf life depends on location and use. The use of treated wood is determined by the retention of wood or the amount of wood preservative used. The lowest retention property (0.15 plus water repellency) is mainly used for kiosks, fences, handrails, gratings and bridges. The retention property of 0.25 is used for moldings and panels, frames, floors and sills. An operating grade of 0.40 is mainly used for fence posts, bridge piers and landscaping. Finally, the retention property of 0.60 is used for permanent wood foundations and construction posts.

3. Factors that influence wood resistance.

One of the disadvantages of wood is easily cracked

In addition to the normal variability of resistance between and within species, many other factors can affect the strength of the wood. These factors can be classified as natural defects and irregularities, environmental factors and the effects of biological agents.

If the grain direction is not parallel to the long axis of a wood component, one speaks of transverse grain (sometimes also short grain). Cross grain can be felled from the spiral grain in the tree or the wood. For linear furniture such as legs and spindles, whose performance depends on longitudinal properties such as flexural strength, the scar can result in a significant loss of strength across the board. For example, a grain gradient of one to five may result in a 50% to 60% reduction in the modulus of rupture.

The branches in the wood are another debilitating defect. The loss of strength results not only from the abnormal direction of the fabric and the grain of the knot itself, but also from the transverse grain of the deformed wood around the knot. Compression wood, reaction wood formed in coniferous trees by twisted or inclined stems generally has higher density and crush resistance than normal wood, but the wood has tensile strength and strength lower resistance. the modulus of rupture and the modulus of elasticity at the bend. In hardwood, the stretched wood has exceptionally low compression along the grain, although it may be more ductile and resilient than normal wood of the same density. It has unusually high longitudinal shrinkage and tangential shrinkage, but slightly larger in the radial direction. The lignin content of the cell wall is inadequate compared to normal wood and there may be gelatinous fibers.

As the wood dries below the saturation point of the fiber, the resistance increases with the loss of bound water. The greatest increases occur in compression along the grain: the resistance roughly doubles as the wood dries up to 12% of the moisture content, and triples when dried in the oven. The modulus of rupture increases much less and the modulus of elasticity increases less during drying.

Easily scratched is also often a problem that damages the beauty of wood
Wood resistance is also affected by temperature, which increases with decreasing temperature and decreases with increasing temperature. In the range and duration of natural temperature changes, the force changes are temporary. At higher temperatures or over a longer period, however, a permanent loss of strength may occur. The effects of heat on reducing resistance are less important in dry air, higher in humid air or in steam. The use of vapors to temporarily laminate wood to permanently bend furniture is well known.

The durability of the wood also depends on the load duration. The time-dependent flow ability of wood reduces the strength of long-term loads. For example, a bar can withstand a short-term load (5 minutes) that is three times greater than a long-term load (one hundred years or more).

The destructive effects of wood-borne insects, such as termites, carpenter ants and beetles, require little processing because the physical loss of wood results in a loss of proportional resistance. Mushrooms are one of the main causes of wood degradation. There are four main requirements for the development of fungal hyphae in wood: a favorable temperature (ideal, 70-85 ° F), oxygen (20% or more of the air volume in the wood), moisture (saturation point of the wood).

Fiber or above is ideal) and food. Wood discoloring mushrooms use waste stored in sapwood parenchyma cells but do not attack the cell walls. Although discoloration of fungi discolors the wood, it does not diminish its durability. However, wood-destroying fungi use enzymes to break down and assimilate the cell wall substance, causing various forms of decay or decay. The early stages of fungal invasion, termed imminent decomposition, may initially have a negligible effect on resistance. Shock resistance is the first affected resistance property. If allowed to continue, it can lead to a total loss of strength. It should be noted that Chlorociboria produces a green spot on the wood and results in a loss of strength. Humidity control is the main goal to prevent decomposition. If the wood stays below 20% of the moisture content, the decomposing fungi can not grow.

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Wooden floor treatment options

Hardwood floors are a safe and environmentally friendly coating that creates a comfortable indoor climate. Natural wood, unlike plastics, has a pleasant forest aroma and does not give off any toxic substances. The tree is characterized by its durability. Durability and aesthetic appearance. It feels pleasant and has a positive effect on human health.


1. Advantages of a wooden floor.
2. Paint to do it yourself.
3. The paintings.
4. How to paint a wooden floor.

1. Advantages of a wooden floor.

Wood flooring is always an option because it provides a natural atmosphere and warmth

  • It promotes the renewal of oxygen and ensures a pleasant atmosphere in the apartment.
  • Durable and reliable coating;
  • Long life
  • Safety and respect for the environment. The material does not emit hazardous substances and does not cause allergies. In contrast, a tree has a positive effect on the condition and mood of a person.
  • Availability
  • Good heat and sound insulation
  • Wear resistance and repair ability. If necessary, you can easily replace damaged areas of the floor.
Experts recommend selecting only logs for the completion of huts and cottages so as not to disturb the aesthetics and respect the environment of the room. Like a wooden floor in a log cabin, choose solid or standard wood flooring, parquet and laminate flooring, cork flooring. Incidentally, this last option is excellent isolation. To find out more about the completion of the floor in a wooden house..

Despite its positive qualities, wood needs protection and treatment. Natural raw materials are subject to the harmful effects of moisture and insects. Without special support, the coating will gradually crack and rot. Protective mixtures protect living material from such problems. They not only extend the useful life, but also improve the appearance of the soil.

Today there are many different products, including paints, paints and wax. Wax is rarely used today. It contains beeswax, linseed oil and other additives in small quantities. This composition is characterized by its moisture resistance, but does not provide effective protection against mechanical damage, including bumps on the heel, furniture marks, etc. Treat a wooden floor.

Paint is an effective way to protect the coating from mold, mildew and insects. It keeps the structure perfect and improves the original look of the wood. The lucky ones are transparent and opaque (Cover). The clear coating retains the natural color of the tree, but lasts only 3 to 5 years. The opaque composition can be updated every 6 to 7 years to obtain the desired tone or brightness of the wooden floor.

2. Paint to do it yourself

Paint wood floors can do it yourself or use professional services
In addition, there are the following types of paint:
  • Water-soluble is the most environmentally friendly compound that dries quickly and adheres to the soil surface. However, this paint can only be applied with special rollers, and the coating must be updated at least every three years.
  • The alkyd type is characterized by longevity, longevity and high wood protection. But make this varnish dry for two or three days;
  • The polyurethane material is durable and therefore ideal for parts that are exposed to high mechanical loads. This polish is used to treat the floor in the hall, in the living room and even in a cafeteria.
  • Formaldehyde paint guarantees a durable, reliable and resistant coating at different temperatures. However, when painted, hazardous chemicals are released. Therefore, it is important to work only with a respirator.
  • Petroleum products are more sensitive to the negative effects of rain and moisture. These paints can not be used for floors in the gazebo or on the terrace. However, they are suitable for the interior decoration of a wooden house. Oil paints are often used to update the old coating. They stimulate the wood and shine the surface;
  • The acrylic paint forms a transparent shade without yellowing. It is a safe product, odorless and long lasting. They are moisture resistant and offer a wide range of brightness. It is desirable to use these funds for low-traffic areas such as dormitories, daycare, etc.
Regardless of the type of varnish, it is important to read the instructions for use before using it and, if necessary, to consult a specialist. It is important to know if a particular tool is suitable for the type of room, the type of wood and the floor covering. It is important to know how the paint is applied when you need protective equipment when working with the material. The observance of the selection and color rules makes it possible to achieve the desired result.

3. The paintings

Choose the best quality paint for wood floors

If you want to give the wood a specific color or tone, choose the color. They also protect the tree from moisture and rot, harmful bacteria and insects.

Manufacturers today offer the following types of paint:
  • Vinyl paints are used for exterior and interior treatment of wood. They are moisture resistant, are distinguished by a variety of colors and are inexpensive. However, these agents are not popular with homeowners, as they develop harmful toxins during evaporation. In addition, the vinyl composition fades rather quickly and breaks;
  • Petroleum products are characterized by saturated colors and a uniform structure, resistance to extreme temperatures and low prices. This painting creates a bright, modern image of a wooden floor. However, this coating dries 24 hours. In addition, the soil must be repainted after 2-3 years.
  • Polyurethane and similar paints are characterized by longevity and a long service life. Such materials effectively protect the wood, but they are poisonous and expensive.
  • The alkyd compounds spread during painting an unpleasant odor, which lasts for several days and after drying. Advantages of such colors are resistance to moisture and precipitation, temperature changes and other negative factors;
  • Waterborne acrylic paints are in high demand because of their resistance to high humidity, frost and UV radiation. They have a long life, which can last up to 10 years! Manufacturers offer a wide range of colors, including two thousand different shades. This is a safe and respectful composition with the environment that does not fade. Therefore, acrylic materials are used effectively for painting the facades.
Painting for the treatment of wooden floors, first choose the degree of respect for the environment. Therefore, water-based alkyd formulations are the best way. They protect the wood and give the floor a noble appearance. In addition, due to its stability and durability, it is not necessary to paint the coating more than once every 8 to 10 years!

4. How to paint a wooden floor?.

Painting can be done from the end of the room until it ends at the door
A sensible option would be to first paint the wood floor with paint and then paint it. The coating with varnish does not sufficiently protect the wood from mechanical damage. The lacquer with a high-quality finish fixes the paint, gives it the desired shine and gives it the appearance of a new, fresh floor.

Before you paint the floor, you have to prepare the surface. Clean the wood from dust and dirt. If the floor has already been painted, remove the old layer with a spatula or sandpaper. Then polish the surface, remove holes and holes with putty. New wood floors before painting can be treated with linen or a primer to improve the protective properties and lower the costs of paint.

The varnish may only be applied on a dry surface! Paint the floor with a roller, a pistol, for hard to reach areas with a brush. Remember that airbrushing and aerosols do not always allow for a consistent layer. You can also leave unpainted areas.

Start with corners, baseboards, and other hard-to-reach places. When painting, regularly mix the color and pay attention to the ventilation. The varnish is applied in two layers parallel to the plate direction. The second layer is applied only after complete drying of the previous one!

When the paint is dry, the floor can be covered with two or three coats of paint. Remember that you can apply every new layer only when the previous layer is dry! Apply colors with gentle strokes to avoid bumps.

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Home improvement wooden furniture

Whether you are moving to a new home, renovating, or simply wanting to freshen up your home, it is important for most people to put their own stamp on their home. At the same time, you will probably be working on a specific budget. It is therefore important to determine the best places where you can spend your money. Your home can be the perfect canvas to express your personal style. This can be particularly important if you have just moved into a property and want to make your room comfortable. The large hardwoods  were a magnet for many. And now they are proposing to be part of our house.

The decoration of the house can be made of metal and glass. The elegance of the wood, however, is incomparable. At the majestic wooden doors, people who are rich in bags and taste attach their houses to wooden furniture. In a way, they are expensive and you are looking for options in these times.

1. Furniture Essential For Home Improvement.
2. Decorate your home with pine furniture.
3. Wood Patio Covers - A Necessary Tool For Home Improvement.
4. Crafting Wooden Furniture.

1. Furniture Essential For Home Improvement.

Home improvement
Furniture has an important role in the home and is generally made of wood
People start to work with the soil. And the only relief is that they have the means to have adequate housing. They use their resources to make their home as comfortable as possible. The things they buy are just assets. The only area that takes on a dimension is the living room. A beautiful wooden bed with a punch in the middle gives you a restful sleep and a reason to work. You spend a large part of your life on the bed and share the material comfort with your spouse. In any case, the bed has priority.

If you have a terrace, the furniture will show your taste there. The look can be minimal but effective. It is a place of relaxation. This feeling should appear. Even the study (even though it is usually done without it) needs a comfortable chair and adjustable shelves. You read there and the environment should improve your mood.

Of course, chairs and tables are important. They have different brands for different parts. Dining tables can be experienced as guests. The decorative vase in the middle of the chic table has a lasting effect. And the food smells good.

The computer and the study tables need to be more practical than stylish. They force you to sit for hours. Even the couch should follow this principle. Another area of ​​improvement is the wardrobe, as it is present in almost every room. The use of the room should help reduce the cost of the wardrobe. This should seem classic, even if the material is cheap. The immaculate wooden frames are also a good buy. You give your walls and delicacy home

2. Decorate your home with pine furniture.

Home improvement
Pine furniture is widely used because the quality is good
Pine wood is cheap compared to cherry, sandal and oak. It has a light color and is a soft wood. Houses have shelves and cabinets. The rocking chairs are there and also the dining table. A complete wooden bowl looks very elegant.
Pinewood can be used in kitchens and living spaces. Curved panels and large wall sections can be innovative accessories made of pine wood. A small temple or other place of worship can fill a void. The wood will give the finishing touch.

The soft color is flexible and adapts to any color combination. The wood is flexible and can be ordered at will. There an aviary, a kennel or even a cave can be engraved for a small child. You can let your imagination run through the pine forests.
There are real pine knots because it is a long tree and needs special support. They come by hand and can be used decoratively. Although the abundance of nodes reduces their lifespan, they are significant. Pine is a complete animator. It will never waste your time.

3. Wood Patio Covers - A Necessary Tool For Home Improvement.

Home Improvement
Not only the furniture but also the floor and walls are also used to use wood to beautify the house
You can enjoy the wooden terrace in any weather. You can protect yourself from rain or sun. These wooden rugs add style and value to your home. Wooden ceilings allow you to choose from an unlimited number of designs. You can create your own style.

Wooden patio covers enhance the look of your home. They are very functional because they can protect you from any weather. With wooden ceilings you have security and security.

Wood panels are always exposed to the elements, so choose the type of wood to use. The wood you choose must be able to withstand the climate in which you live. You want to choose a wood that does not require constant maintenance. You also want to choose a style that complements your home.

Pine is a wood species that retains color easily, but does not possess the decay agents that have hardwoods. Redwood, cedar and cypress trees are a good choice of wooden terraces. If you want to color the terrace, you need a kind of long-grain wood. The knots in the wood do not interrupt the continuous pulling.

Home Improvement
Windows and doors are the most common use of wood
You can add cutouts or special patterns to your wooden terrace cover. Being creative with your design can enhance the look of wood decking. Trellis, arbor or solid wood patterns are some of the choices for wooden decks. The lattice and the arbor are a nice choice and protect the terrace.

The possibilities for designing a wooden terrace are unlimited. New wood preservation techniques have made wood a popular choice for roofing. They will take years. A wooden terrace can be a great addition to your basement, kitchen or living room. With a wooden patio cover you never have to break off your cooking projects.

You can ask a specialist to install your wooden deck or do it yourself. A professional installer can do this in no time. If you can do it yourself, there are kits with instructions or, if you are competent, you can design your patio from scratch.

The connection between your home and the patio must be smooth so it does not leak. You can buy stained wood or dye yourself. Some woods are treated and do not need to be dyed.

A wooden patio cover keeps your barbecue and garden furniture safe and dry. It will be an extension of your home that offers great outdoor entertainment and gives your home an elegant look.

4. Crafting Wooden Furniture.

Home Improvement
Beds are also the most common use of wood
The oak can consist of timeless and timeless furniture. It has both durability and beauty, but can still look modern and contemporary. Contemporary pieces are beautifully crafted by hand, with simple yet innovative streamlined styles. A comprehensive range of elegant furniture, dining rooms, living rooms, bedrooms and leisure facilities, available in a variety of colors and finishes, allow oak furniture to adapt to a variety of living environments and design styles.

When planning investments in oak furniture, it is important to understand the importance of oak furniture rather than simple oak furniture. Solid oak furniture is generally considered of the highest quality. As the name implies, it is made exclusively from solid oak. This usually includes the base of the drawers and the back of the cabinets. The connections are interlocked if possible and the handles / fittings of high quality.

In contrast, the term "oak furniture", when used by retailers, may include oak mixed with ash, the sections being glued together and provided with an oak veneer. These are made of chipboard with wood veneer. Since chipboard is made from chips of all kinds, including softwood, it has no grain structure.

This results in a much lower strength / weight ratio than solid wood. The resulting furniture is either less massive or must be much heavier to maintain the same consistency as solid wood. There are several other clues that can be used to identify inexpensive mass-produced furniture. These include low-cost materials such as MDF for folders and drawers. Pinned or glued joints are in contrast to the swallowtail another revealing sign.

The selling price can not be used as a guideline for the quality of oak furniture. The prices of many retailers are similar for finished oak furniture and articles made of 100% hardwood. For example, a dresser with three oak drawers was actually more expensive for a street vendor than a massive oak room that was virtually identical to another.

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Wood accessories for living room : interesting design

The living room is the "heart" of every home, reflecting the character and taste of the owners. With the home accessories, this interior is designed in which individuality and particularity are expressed. A room without decoration is a faceless space that looks like a hotel room.

Therefore, even some of the heart statues that he has brought from another country, recalling the wonderful past, will fill the room with warmth and a special atmosphere. The accessories can be the simplest or on the contrary unusual and creative, we talk about it.

1. Interior: Why are you needed?.
2. Vases in the room.
3. Aquarium as an accessory.
4. Chandeliers, candles and unusual lamps.
5. Flowers and other accessories.

1. Interior: Why are you needed?.

The living room is neatly arranged and some material from wood is very elegant
The selection of accessories is a serious matter. Proper placement of interior elements is the final step in creating a comfortable and relaxed environment. Therefore, the design of the accessory must be selected according to the room style. They play an important role inside.

Accessories add personality to your home and therefore, the inner details need to be carefully selected. A large number of accessories does not refine the room. Let them be a little bit, but they will be the highlight of the interior.
With accessories, you can create a romantic atmosphere in the living room. B. scented candles.
Thanks to the accessories, you can set accents on the inside and highlight a specific area of ​​the room.

2. Vases in the room.

Vases can be used in the living room including those made of wood
Vases are one of the most popular props of antiquity. Even in ancient Greece there were vases with unusual exquisite shapes. Moreover, at that time, they were made not only for practical purposes but also decorative. The vases were owned by noble houses and adorned the interiors of many rooms.

There are many types of Vaz: table and floor, small and large, narrow and wide. Depending on the material used to make the vases, there are glass, porcelain, glass, ceramics, plastic and metal. Under this variety, you can choose a vase for every indoor salon style. This may be a modern vase, and perhaps an expensive vase of the Qing Dynasty. The choice depends on your budget. Here are some styles and their characteristic vases.
  • The Art Nouveau is reminiscent of the soft forms of the vase inside and gives the salon its charm and its hardness.
  • In the Japanese-style living room, accessories are not just a decorative element, they are also functional. These are suitable clay vases that calm the atmosphere and balance the colors of the room.
  • High-tech vases are objects with simple geometric shapes (cubic, cylindrical, spherical). Usually these vases are frosted glass or metal.
  • Large, fruit-filled vases complete the interior of the living room ecologically.

3. Aquarium as an accessory.

The aquarium is the most attractive in the living room and the frame can be made of wood
Accessories for the interior of the living room can also represent an aquarium, which is not only an excellent decoration for the reception room, but also relieves the families coming home after a working day. Work or school. The modern and beautiful aquariums created with the latest technologies are often an incomparable design composition.

The refined algae, the finely laid soil, the bubbles created by the soil filters, and of course the colorful fish that slide in, will provide your guests with a fun show as long as you prepare a gift. The aquarium often plays the role of emphasizing the interior space around which all other objects are aligned, creating a unique organic composition.

The aquarium in the modern living room is not just a rectangular glass box filled with water, fish and earth. Depending on the design goals, this accessory may be in the form of a sphere, a glass column or a giant cube. The aquarium is decorated with various decorative elements of different materials and lighting conditions. In the modern interior you will often find a built-in furniture aquarium. In general, the design of accessories of this kind is extremely large today. You must therefore select an aquarium based on the characteristics of the composition of the interior design for the guests.

4. Chandeliers, candles and unusual lamps.

Wooden lamp ornaments are very interesting and unique in the living room
Such accessories for the interior of the living room contribute more than others to create a romantic atmosphere, to decorate and complete. It is necessary to use the candles inside very carefully, especially if you intend to light them occasionally. Loose candles can cause a fire when distracted only. In addition, candles can not be placed next to plants. If you have children or pets, this accessory may need to be abandoned.

However, if the candles only fulfill a decorative function, they can be placed anywhere. Candles in chandeliers installed on a shelf above the fireplace are just beautiful. Candles decorated with pearls, bows and other little things can be placed on glass shelves and in niches. For a long time the candles did not catch the attention of the designers. Today they have found a new life and have returned to the interior of the rooms. Elegant or abrupt, they generate warmth and warm the soul.

Lamps can be a safe alternative to candles. Lighting equipment made of glass, glass or metal not only provide an additional light source, but also an elegant decoration. The lamps are mounted on the walls, on the floor or on the shelves. You can illuminate individual areas and the entire room. The original lamps, which create a brilliant accent in the room, will not go unnoticed.

5. Flowers and other accessories..

Wooden flower accessories can also be placed in the living room
The flowers in the living room can be represented as: living plants in pots, bouquet in a vase, artificial flowers and flowers in a vacuum bottle. Artificial flowers are not only the desire to replace living plants, but also the opportunity to bring color and humor into the interior. Only a few people have the opportunity to constantly look after living plants or buy fresh bouquets, so they decorate the interior with artificial bouquets. For example, putting a copy of a palm or cherry blossom in the corner of a room creates a little paradise where you can relax and rest. Natural flowers in a vacuum, which can remain in the same state for about 5 years, attract attention and grow.

In addition to the decorative elements listed, further accessories can be used indoors.
  •     Chinese coffins;
  •     Wooden statuettes in African style;
  •     Figurines of porcelain or glass;
  •     masks
  •     Hunting trophies;
  •     Collections of handicrafts;
  •     Wrong weapons and others.
Therefore, home accessories are an essential element for an interesting design. Without them, every room is boring, faceless and unattractive. Accessories serve as a link between all interior elements and combine them into an organic whole. From there, the right choice of accessories depends on the quality of the design of the living room.

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