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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Parquet wood floor treatment

The best way to clean the parquet flooring needs special attention. Parquet wood flooring has become very popular because it is suitable to use modern interior design.
The same is also caring for the wood-based furniture. Parquet floor care also requires the same rigor.

The things that are common to clean the wood or parquet flooring is a sweeping advance. When you do too much washing use water because it will damage the parquet and can lead to rot.
The main enemy of the parquet is moisture then use a vacuum cleaner or dry cloth to remove all traces of dust.

Humidity in the parquet can cause pressure differences as a result of the joints on the parquet floor to escape. Puddles on the parquet will cause water trapped in layers of plywood and make a rotten wood.

There is a special detergent to clean the parquet. If you use a vacuum cleaner that also use an additional coating layer should not be scratched or chipped.

You can also varnish parquet floor so the floor will be shiny. The cloth used to clean gently cleaned specifically for special cleaning parquet.

If parquet flooring food or beverage stains, you should clean it with a dry cloth. You can use a special fluid for parquet when the dirt is difficult to be appointed.

Be careful when you move stuff because it can lead to scratched floors. We recommend that all furniture legs coated with rubber so as not to cause scratches on the floor. Try to move goods by pushing it on the floor because of the way it will potentially damage the floor.

You can perform periodic maintenance on the parquet floor with wax or varnish re-process each month with special polishing parquet and every two years to re-do the coating.

To clean dirt that is very difficult as the paint on the floor you can use a cutter to scrape debris that stick up all the dirt up. You have to do it carefully so as not to damage the surface of the wood. Keep the timber melamine layer is scraped off,  then you can rub it back up to look uneven.
Parquet floor does require more intensive care than ordinary floor.

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