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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Be creative with waste wood

Be creative with leftover wood has its own expertise. You can use wood waste from wood craftsmen so the price will be cheaper.
Wood residues are considered worthless in a particular process. But the remnants of the wood can still be used for other processes and time.

The remnants of the timber industry can be a log end, core logs, veneer damaged and saw dust.
Meanwhile, the remnants of the neighborhood may be the remains of the building. Wood type of building materials are usually hardwood with good quality.
You can be creative so that the remains of wood and can be useful.

Wood recycling is very popular nowadays. An example is the use of recycled wood as the floor. Old wood has proven strong, even stronger than new wood. Timber trees of antiquity has strong resistance and can survive until now. Wood nowadays mostly malnourished and grow longer and the wood produced is not like the days of old.

If you want to exploit directly used wood from the remains of the building, make sure the timber does not have holes that are too much as this can reduces the strength of wood.
Besides the timber will also have the thickness, length and width are varied.

You also need to understand the function of each of the materials used or recycled them. The function of these materials can be either structural or function of the building just as a filler. In this case the material can be strong, brittle or quality is already far down so that it is advisable not to use it anymore. Examples like this are already fragile roof structure you can use for material to use to cover a wall or decorative elements.

You can also be creative with used wood for interior accents such as for tables and chairs. Door of the old material can be used for the table and a roof secondhand can be used for decorative element or an interesting mosaic.
For the exterior you can use as exterior wall coverings.

All the ingredients that the former has the advantage as it is environmentally friendly and cheaper because it is not used anymore by the old owner.
The drawback is the material has deteriorated and should be carefully selected according to the needs.

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