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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Changing shape of wood

Changing shape of the wood was common in all types of wood. The wood consists of millions of pillar composed of pores and several water that settles. When the tree was cut will free themselves from the pores of the wood. Nevertheless the water contained in the pore is not going straight out.

As the temperature increases the water that is in the wood will be forced out. Water will come out of the wood through the process of evaporation. If water is coming out of the woodwork then there is "space" empty in the wood and will create a bond among the pores become much closer. Thus the wood will shrink due to the loss of volume in the wood.

The water could have been back into the wood, although not as easy when it evaporates. The process of evaporation of the wood was heavily influenced as the drying process, the hardness of wood, as well as the position of wood when dried.

With advances in technology the forest easily results in the process. For the process of wood products should know the properties of the wood, so that best results will be obtained.
The most common thing the wood is hygroscopic which can absorbs and release water and also  be anisotropy, which has different properties in the longitudinal, tangential and radial direction.
The main disadvantages of wood can be attacked by pests and is flammable in the dry form.

The process of drying the wood very need to know to determine the final dimensions of the wood that will be used. With the drying of wood would be free of mold, making the wood more easily in bright paint or in varnish.

The prevention of the occurrence of cracks, ruptures and changes the shape of the wood  need to factored in wood drying process before being used.
After the drying process also remains a concern because the wood is also easily absorb water. After dried wood storage must be free of rain and heat and should not be merged with wood that is still wet.
Circulation in the wood storage space should be good and time the rainy season should be indoors. Plug the appliance in heating.

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