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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Wooden floor lamp

Wooden floor lamp has an elegant antique trend that they bring into the room. Wood floor usually combined with a floor lamp. Lighting manufacturers create designs by imitating the style of the flowers to conform with antique home decor.

Various types of lights will adorn the antique gold plated wooden floor with a cloth stained glass lampshades. In addition, many are made of brass which has been very popular as a floor lamp. Sometimes an antique lamp is very difficult to find a price that is more expensive depending on the history and design.

Antique lamps to floor rarely selected for the main lighting. This lamp is more often used as an esthetics.
In addition there are also other unique floor lamps like lamp paper to wooden flooring. Such design provides an unique lamp for your wood floors.
Modern design for wood flooring suitable for any room.

Lights for a lot of wood flooring is also made of wood with a variety of paintings that give the feel of warmth in the modern floor lamp.
Floor lamp is also known for serving the art that other forms of lights appeared sometimes bizarre, creative and unusual. lights such as planetary design, animal horns, petrified wood and so forth.
Some of the old floor lamp with a specific art movement with colorful handicrafts made by adding certain characteristics.

The important thing is setting the mood or atmosphere in a room. Proper lighting will add to the attraction of your room. Ceiling lights will be serving a functional purpose. Lamps other aims to display their creativity.

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  1. That lamp looks so cute and unique. I have a lot of lamps at home and always search for new ones. I like decorating my house with floor lamps because I like to keep my house bright. These lamps I got from World To Home are very decorative, too. They make my house look so pretty.