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Monday, June 20, 2011

Engineered wood floors

The use of engineered wood floor is increasingly widespread

 Laminate for engineered wood floors with free floating and not attached to the sub floor. Most people would think that the floor is attached to the base floor.
The best method to install this is with a floating floor. Flooring materials are attached to each other but do not attach to the floor-sub.
While the underlayment is placed on the bottom floors while far above. The material like pieces floating on the surface.

Engineered wood floor underlay at present and more people use because it has various advantages. One advantage is that it can in sandpaper if any scratches. This material made with Melamine by infusions of paper on top while the composite wood chips on the bottom.

Engineered wood flooring is much more stable than solid wood this is caused by imperfections that occur are very small and are absorbed by the underlayment. This is very helpful to eliminate the sound because it is not attached to the sub floor.

Materials with laminate flooring underlayment consisting of a standard foam material, foam combinations and a floor exhaust modified or improved type of underlayment.

An improved exhaust floor has a standard moisture barrier can be used on the soil surface. It is not found in ordinary solid wood so that the humidity will reach the timber so the timber dimension changes can occur in ordinary solid wood when dry wood back. That is why it is engineered wood flooring is more stable.


  1. Buy a material with a 6 mm ware layer. This gives you a engineered floor that will be as durable as a solid hardwood floor. Select a material with the bottom made up from a multi laminate plywood with ten laminates. This gives great stability and strength to your floor.

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