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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Solid wood flooring

Solid wood floor explanation

Floor at room can be combines with solid wood and carpet to give the home its own style. The color of the carpet into consideration when you redecorate your home. But if you use a wood floor is not a problem because the color will complement each other. Solid wood flooring will enhance the value of your home.

Selection of solid wood flooring will look fantastic. You also have to be careful when wet or flooded floor so that the placement of this type of floor should be in accordance with the selected room. The use of this floor will not be appropriate in areas such us the kitchen, bathroom or basement because it is often wet or flooded.
Placement of wood flooring in the room suitable as the living room or your room will give your home a touch of classic especially when placed with the appropriate furniture. This will makes your home according to your dreams.

Many people believe that the solid wood floor will get better with age older. Costs for wood flooring is more expensive than laminate floors. One best condition with your wood floors are to cover with carpet on top. If there is a spill or stain you can clean it quickly.

If your floor frequently traveled pets then the selection of wood flooring is not the right selection. Dog or cat's claw will cause scratches on the wooden floor so it will be damaging and increase the investment for you. If your floor frequently traveled pet then you can consider so that the scratch resistant laminate.
With current technology can be made of wood floor stain resistant, so easy in maintenance. So you can consider use of solid wood flooring in the house especially currently you are renovating your home floor

The solid wood floor consists of a piece of wood from top to bottom. Most parquet floors are about 3/4 inch thick and are milled with a groove and a groove to allow a space-free installation that can accumulate dirt and dust.

A variety of surfaces and coatings can be applied at the factory (before completion) or on-site to meet the needs of the facility. Practical concerns speak for the use of prefabricated solid wood floors. There are three advantages: factory-ready wooden floors can be installed in one step; the volatile fumes are not released from the finish or coating of the house; Factory coatings are harder and more durable than those for on-site use.

The designed wooden floors consist of 3 to 5 laminate layers, which are arranged in each layer perpendicular to an adjacent layer. This creates strength in each finished table that exceeds that in solid wood floors where grain flows in the same direction across the room.

The top layer, called the wear layer, is cut, cut or shaved in a hardwood style and the finished product will look exactly like a piece of solid wood. Oak and maple are the most popular hardwoods, but also exotic species such as bamboo, teak and Brazilian cherry are available to consumers.

The high-tech adhesive, which binds the layers permanently, makes parquet floors water- and moisture- and moisture-repellent than solid floors. Through this manufacturing process parquet floors can be used underground in cellars, kitchens and bathrooms as well as in the hitherto unattainable wetlands of the country. Hardwood floors.

Solid and technical floor coverings can be impregnated with acrylic to be tough and durable for virtually any purpose. This is probably the kind of wooden floor that you see in shopping malls and restaurants, but would not this designed wooden floor be meaningful for family rooms and recreation areas?


  1. Just as the first sentence said, wood flooring can compliment the carpet for the home if done properly like in the picture.

  2. wood floors can add beauty to your home.So be careful while selecting your floors.