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Thursday, September 20, 2012

How to choose wood flooring

Many choices for wood floors
It is importance to know How to choose wood flooring due to use of materials for floors or other building materials shall be selected wood quality material that is resistant to weather and termites. For instance teak, ebony, marine resin, merbau and so on. Besides timber must also have a minimum level. If the moisture content is high enough then the wood will quickly shrink or expand even cracked. The coating is also very important, including wood finishing. If you want the texture of the surface, then you can use a varnish or paint the wood.

If you put the wood in your room then it should use a professional. Installation for hardwood floors generally do not require a long time.

Finishing is important in choosing a wood floor. Wooden flooring available on the market today that choosing may be a bit confusing. You have to adjust to the style of your home. The samples they provide enough wood to guide you effectively. You also do not be easily fooled by the lighting in the show room. It can be different when you use it in your home. When you take a sample you can seek the opinion of your family members.

Method of installation of one type of wood with other types can be different. Be careful in the use of professional services. No matter how expensive your floor. Display would be perfect if the floor is properly installed.

If you want to replace your home with wood floors do not have to dismantle the old flooring such as tile, marble or cement. The floor can be stacked with wooden floors.

How to care for wood floors can be obtained via specific instructions recommended by the flooring manufacturer that produces it. But it is quite easy for cleaning hardwood floors.

Cleaning can be done from sweeping with a soft broom made from broom bristles because choose wrong material will cause the floor to be scratched. In addition you can use a vacuum cleaner once or twice a week.

Even if you possess a wood with high quality but should be avoided from the water. If exposed to water then you can dry it with a dry cloth.
Carpets can also be used to cover the wooden floor especially in areas that are often impassable. Choose a carpet with a non-slip coating so it is not absolute displaced.

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