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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Matching hardwood floors existing floor

Before installing the wooden floor must be in accordance with the color of the room

Matching of appropriate wood to use for the floor becomes important when you intend to install hardwood floors. Using wood as flooring require details to be adjusted to the room. Wood fibers are also found in many common wood without modification process.

Wooden floors are not just appear with the simplicity of only grain but has varied in line with the development of the interior world. Developed variations as there are wooden floors with a random pattern when installed and there by using a variation of the thickness and depth when installed.

Wooden floors will give an unique feel to your home as well as environmentally friendly materials. Controversial side is one factor that destroys the forest. If you buy wood buy through a company that uses the certificate.
Trends in wood floors can also switch to the scheme. One type of oak that cannot give all the options you want. Oak can also be integrated with a variety of styles and colors.
Once beech wood, walnut, maple, iroko, cherry, teak and so gives the appearance of each fiber and different colors.

Wooden floors with modern design serves to soften the harsh impression on modern buildings commonly used ceramic, glass, metal and so on. Wooden floors also provide warmth throughout the room. Installation on a wooden floor can also provide the appropriate colors to be combined. You can choose the wood flooring of the same color and size and then mounted the desired place.

Wooden floors are very popular in many houses. In fact, if some people are looking for a new place, that's part of their checklist. This aspect is so important to some who refuse to buy a house that does not. Although this is an interesting feature, some people have this type of soil and do not like it too much. It's not that you do not like her appearance. They just do not know how to match their furniture. Therefore, instead of being something that enhances the look of your home, it becomes a burden and a burden. The good news is that there are different ways to combine different decorating styles, decor and wall colors to suit this type of floor.

A color that tends to harmonize well with brown is red. Someone could install a series of red sofas or a red decorative wall. You could even add red table decorations or red-domed paintings. You do not have to go too far. The fact that red is one of the main colors of this piece will help to create a perfect combination between the floor and the decoration.

White is another good color for those with parquet floors. It does not necessarily mix with the ground. However, this allows the jumping of the wood. In fact, the white would really work as a good background color and not necessarily as an accent or fusion color. Of course, most people, especially those with children, are unlikely to want to buy a white sofa. However, you can make other choices, such as including pillows and white decorative flowers. This will breathe life into hardwood floors. Another good idea is to make all the white walls.

Another option that would really help to connect and connect the hardwood floor to the rest of the house is to incorporate dark colors such as brown, green and brown. These are the colors that we normally see in nature. It's great because wood is a natural substance of trees. So, if someone went outside, I would see these colors melt effortlessly. Therefore, bringing the same colors to a house with this type of soil would produce the same effortless fusion effect. So instead of having the ground to jump or combine a certain color, it would eventually mix and create a flow.

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