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Monday, October 1, 2012

Parquet adhesive homebase

Parquet adhesive must be of high quality
Need to know parquet floors using adhesive on the home base to repair or fix the broken pieces on the floor. You also have to clean up the old glue and you let it dry underneath. After that you prepare for the replacement of the previous pieces have you measured and appropriate.

Before you apply the glue pieces of wood has been sanded so that the glue will stick perfectly.

Make sure the glue evenly with a perfect glue to make sure it stays on the floor parquet floors dry. You can also sand after applying the glue that has joined with wood.
After that you can apply varnish to ensure appropriate time for that difference.

Parquet wood flooring will have a longer durability when compared to other types of materials when used for parquet got such good quality teak and merbau types. This material is resistant to termite attack and also durable.

Materials used are parquet wood powder compacted and shaped with glue that has the high adhesion, forming a piece of wood. Laminate wood flooring in wood patterned with color variations with a characteristic shiny.
Glue used must have strong adhesion, water resistance, easy to be sanded, painted and can be used as filler.

Parquet flooring is often damaged by scratches sharps, ground movement, temperature increases stucco or also due to errors in the installation.
If you replace the parquet sure to take the same replacement.
If you do the finishing like lacquer should do the same for the old and new parquet.

Parquet Glue should be stored in a dry and cool and not exposed to sunlight and keep out of reach of children.