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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Real of wood flooring bamboo

Original bamboo from wood floors and furniture
Real of wood flooring bamboo with Eco-friendly materials is very popular nowadays. One  of real material that are used bamboo floor. The use of bamboo for the floor of the house is quite unique. Also a variety of color choices that can be tailored to the interior of the house.

Material that is quite popular is the wooden floor. Installation of bamboo flooring with hardwood floors and no specific treatment. Bamboo can lasts four to six years. The uniqueness of the bamboo wood is more resistant to moisture and is more resistant to termites. If you do test the hardness of bamboo harder than wood.

The use of bamboo for flooring will give the impression of natural warmth. You could just put bamboo flooring such as living room, dining room or bedroom.
The house with the bamboo flooring will give the room a more exotic. You can combine the interior and the color in the room.

Bamboo also has unique characteristics such as color and thickness so that various types of bamboo that will be offered to you and also with different prices.
Installation of bamboo flooring is also relatively similar to the wooden floor.

Bamboo can also be made as parquet with technological advances in the processing of bamboo. The product of bamboo is then finishing so dry completely using ultraviolet light. This material will result in a more subtle bamboo flooring and more comfortable to stand on.

In some cases bamboo does have weaknesses, one of which is also not resistant to water. So should this material is preferred for interior room. The material is also resistant to scratches and impact. The furniture should be made on bamboo flooring such as carpet or rubber coating on the furniture legs.
In installations should also be given a little space for movement of expansion and shrinkage.If you interest with this material 

Care is also almost the same bamboo flooring with hardwood floors. The things to note is do not use high heels on bamboo flooring. Pets like dogs and cats do not get scratched on the floor, should avoid chemical liquids or lubricants to clean your floors clean enough with plain water only and do not use abrasive brush when you clean the floor. If you use a liquid cleaner or wax once a year enough. These materials are also flammable you should also light a fire extinguisher.

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