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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Replacing damaged parquet flooring

Broken parquet is quite easy to replace

To replace a damaged parquet floor you do not need to replace entirely. Parquet floor using parquet were easily damaged, especially coming from the wood.

Parquet flooring is usually damaged due to water, friction sharp objects, errors in mounting or rising temperatures plaster.
To fix it you have to know the system installation such as interlocking nails or glue.
Usually a lot of parquet flooring using glue and nails by providing adhesive tie it with a nail. Such systems are widely used in solid wood parquet often experience shrinkage expansion.

If there is a defective part you drill the damaged parquet flooring then lever and make sure it does not damage the surrounding parquet. Remove any adhesive that existed around the damaged parquet.
After the damaged parquet regardless you install a new one. Make sure the color match the floor and parquet. If the first installation of parquet before you have saved, it is good because it will fit in the installation. If none of you have a sample to the store to replace the corresponding material.

Parquet replace make sure you have at least one day in space. Make sure the newly installed parquet it expands or shrinks significantly causing problems after installation.
Generally the risk is very small because you are dealing with many types of parquet flooring that shrinks or expands.. Make sure all the adhesive has been used already lost. Then use the glue on the base floor. Wait for the glue to harden and sticky. Insert a new parquet with his tongue in her mouth first lock on the parquet next. Sometimes it hangs parquet, parquet at carefully with a hammer so that the parquet is completely inserted and locked in a series of parquet flooring.
You must also provide finishing with a new parquet. The goal for the new parquet color matching with the old. You can use wood varnish or oil.

As you know parquet floors offer very good thermal properties in places or countries where temperatures are very low all year round. Wooden floors are not as cold as masonry or ceramic tiles. If a house has hardwood floors, it is good to remember that the water should not be poured, as this will cause the wooden floor to expand and curl and should be removed. This type of floor should only be cleaned with a mop or wet rug, but it should never be soaked.

The procedure for repairing or repairing damaged floors is to remove damaged parts with a scraper or a carpenter's knife. Once the area is open, clean the adhesive residue and if the area below it is wet, allow it to dry for one day. Choose spare parts, measure correctly and adjust. Make sure these woods are thoroughly sanded before applying the glue and correct them again. The grinding of the patch after the correction damages the good part.

The floors must be fixed on a dry masonry floor. When ready to replace it, apply glue to evenly connect wood and masonry with Spreader Spreader. Make sure the glue is good. Choose the replacement and hit it evenly with a hammer to make sure no hammer marks appear on the wood. When done, take a very soft sandpaper and remove excess glue. Once you're done, choose a sandbag and pull it around the wood to smooth it out.

Check the type of polyurethane finish used, whether glossy or matt, to suit the existing one. Apply the varnish in three different layers. The first and second can be done the same day, but after about six hours time difference. The last coat can be applied the next day. Lay the cardboard around so that it does not touch the wet polish. After applying the final coat and wax, apply the entire floor dry to obtain a uniform paint color.


  1. Replacing the damages parquest flooring this method is very effective. Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. The points you have mentioned in this article is very effective for replacing the flooring. I want to ask the question , can I implement this method on bamboo floors as well, or it is specific way for changing the parquet flooring.