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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Clean the floor with natural ingredients

Wood floors must be kept clean

Clean the floor with natural ingredients are much better than chemical products. Various chemicals to clean the floor with ease we find in the market today, completely practical too easy to use. Sometimes we do not think of using natural ingredients that easily we find around us and also environment friendly.

Materials easily we find one of them are tea. Water tea may be able to clean the floor and furniture in your home.
The trick is to put a few tea bags in a quart of hot water and adjust to your needs. Allow the solution to cool. You can take a soft cloth into the tea and squeezed, then use the last lap to clean your floor or furniture. For you can mop the floor with a solution such as normal tea.

Other materials that can clean the floor is a lemon. Lemon fruit also has a fresh scent in your home. This material can also serve to kill germs because they contain acid.
The trick with a squeeze of lemon and a little salt. The solution is used to mop your floors.

Baking soda can also be used to clean the floor. Materials removes the crust on the floor and also eliminates bad odor in the room. You simply sprinkle the material on the floor and then scrub with a mop.

Vinegar can also be used to clean the floor.
This material cleaning your floors are dull so bright back and also clean the crust and mushrooms. You can pour the vinegar directly onto the floor then mop it.

If you live in the tropics so your palm easily met. Coconut pulp cleans the floor and also to kill the germs.
Coconut pulp can be mixed with a little lemon juice and then rub it onto the floor.

Besides a variety of materials mentioned above are probably the most popular have you heard was cleaning the floor with steam. This method is commonly used to clean tile and wood flooring as well as different types of carpets.
Cleaning with a high temperature to kill bacteria, fungi and viruses.
Various modern equipment that you can encounter in the market today. Various manufacturers will offer the best for you. Instructions also can be met to use this tool.
Read the rules of life as harmful to your steam. Be sure to use it safely.

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