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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wood epoxy adhesive

Adhesives are very commonly used for wood

Wood epoxy adhesive is one option for a variety of ties, especially in the wood of various projects.
Wood is one of the foremost building materials for construction. Besides many other functions such as furniture, flooring, carving and wood so that the need for extremely high.
One problem is the connection on the wood. The oldest way is to connect the next without tools such as binding, nail, peg and then the adhesive.

As you know the connection is the weakest point in the timber. Connection strength is dependent on its constituent components. It is a very influential wood density and magnitude of a given load on the connection.
Strongest connections can be obtained by parallel connection with the fiber direction in accordance with the instrument he continued.
Adhesive has properties similar to wood.
Connection with an adhesive commonly used for connection with a relatively small structure.

Adhesive has a very important role in the use of wood. Adhesives are widely used in industries such as plywood, window sills and so on.
To glue two wooden surfaces, wood surfaces must be clean and adhesive should spread evenly on the surface of the wood. Moreover adhesive must also have a high wet character that maximum adhesion is obtained. So we recommend one of the best product for you;

The basic condition of the wood into consideration the maximum strength of the connection by using the adhesive. Chemical condition of the surface of the wood also influences the strength of the connection with the adhesive. Surface granules containing gas molecules can prevent the spread adhesive evenly.
Wood surfaces should be soft, flat and must be free of damage so that maximum adhesion is obtained.

Additionally lumber condition, porosity, moisture and dimensions greatly affect adhesion. Have an empty timber volume depending on the species. This greatly affects the strength of the adhesive.
Moisture content in wood also affects the strength of the adhesive. Water levels will also lead to expansion and shrinkage of the wood so that the influence dimensions on the wood and adhesive strength will also be influential.

If you are using wood epoxy adhesive to glue the wood there are some aspects to consider before using it, so you had expect continued strength actually obtained.

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  1. When shopping for this adhesive type, you will come across slow drying and normal drying varieties as well as fast-set formulations. While for some applications having liquid epoxy adhesives is a must, there are also applications for completing which you will need thicker epoxies with gel-like consistency.