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Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Cleaning of parquet floor with oil paint

Cleaning of parquet floor with oil paint
The cover with oil and wax are the most environmentally friendly and natural, even heavy loads, a parquet coating. The oil particles penetrate into the wood, protect and nourish it, while the soil can breathe. On the ground surface, only a small protective film is formed.

Thanks to the protective properties of the oil, it has so far been possible to preserve the parquet floor in all palaces, as regular and regular care means that it is not necessary to crush the parquet floor evens under stress.

The secret is that oil-coated parquet can be locally restored, stains and dirt are removed without sanding the entire surface. Professional maintenance of parquet in Moscow at low prices, specialists of the company "Parquet Meter".

Periodic dry and wet cleaning
The floor, which is covered with oil, has anti-fouling properties, but requires periodic cleaning of dust and sand, which accumulates in particularly derivable areas.

The dry cleaning can be done with a vacuum cleaner or a broom that gets dirty at least once a week. It is recommended to use a mop and a microfiber cloth.

The wet cleaning is done with a mop with a special parquet floor cleaner, e.g., OSMO Wisch-Fix. It effectively removes small amounts of dirt and nourishes the wood thanks to its oil content, preventing it from drying out. It is important not to use aggressive, universal cleaners as these remove the protective layer of the parquet.

This cleaning takes place every week in a normal apartment, or every day, for places like restaurants or cafeterias.

It is also important to have carpets at the entrance of the room to catch the sand and dirt of the shoes.
Intensive cleaning of impurities For intensive floor cleaning use OSMO WRP. It cleans the floor of dirt and restores the structure of the protective layer of oil and wax, giving the floor a fresh look.

This treatment should be based on the level of contamination, about once every three months in the ward and once a week in public places such as cafeterias and restaurants. In heavily loaded rooms care oil should also be used. This will help to restore the coating without forming a film on the parquet surface.
Cleaning and restorative products are applied with a squeegee, e.g., OSMO Mop, or a FloorCenter-Polisher for a large surface treatment.Update of the protective layer

Even with careful care of the floors, it is necessary to renew the protective layer of oiled and waxed parquet regularly. But unlike the painted floor, it is not necessary to grind the old floor. And it is only possible to update the damaged areas locally.
The update process is fairly simple, but requires special skills.
At the beginning, the soil is thoroughly cleaned of all contaminants. Then apply a thin coat of oil with a roller, cheek or polisher using hard wax oil wax.

It is pleasant to entrust this process to professionals because too much oil can lead to negative effects. Masters helps you save time and money, and you get an updated floor that will thrill you and your family for years to come.


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