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Monday, August 8, 2011

Maintaining wood flooring

One disadvantage of wooden flooring is resistant to scratches. So it is importance to maintain the wood floor. Many different ways are used for such materials resistant to scratches. One way to select materials hardwoods. Ingredients for Maple wood is usually more easily scratched than oak when used for flooring.

If you are renovating a house and plan to replace the flooring with the wood material that is important to note is whether your floor contains high humidity because it will not be fit by selecting the wood for the flooring material. The use of hardwood for the floor space is adjusted with a suitable area for it.

If the room is often flooded by water then the election of hard wood not suitable for that, because the nature of the wood is absorbing water.
Cleaning the floor with wood is fairly easy, you simply clean it with a wet mop. You should not use with hard materials because wood is easily scratched. Type any cleanser you choose should you choose a moisturizer just mop.

Wooden floors quite easily scratched is when women who frequently use high-heels. Shoes with high heels are badly for wood floors. If you crate living room frequently traveled with these should not use the wooden floor.
In addition you are also choosing the furniture legs are not keen on the wooden floor. One method used is to use a carpet pad underneath, which will protects the floor surface.
If you also keep pets such as dogs and cats will cause your floor will be scratched so it will affect your wood flooring.
Wood material is also not suitable for the home area frequently hit the water such as kitchens and bathrooms.

With the good care and placement in the appropriate space will look positive aspects. Floors with wood is actually very beautiful that provide natural feel and warmth on your house. With the good care and appropriate placement.


  1. had a good time reading. I learned something today on maintaining hardwood flooring

  2. Great information. The only thing is re-polishing the floor might be difficult for the home owner.