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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Acacia wood flooring reviews

Acacia wood flooring reviews need to be understood, especially where this material came from. Acacia grows in many tropical and subtropical regions, especially in Asia, Australia, Europe, Africa and America. This material is used for making paper, furniture, construction materials, and also to the floor. Excess acacia plant is its ability to compete with the crop of grass (Imperata cylindrica).

Another great feature of this plant is evergreen. Trees also can reach 30 meters high with branches reaching half of the total height. This plant has gray leather or chocolate that has the texture of coarse and wrinkled.

Acacia has a specific gravity of 0.75 so that the average pore and fiber tight enough so that small water absorption. Durability can reach 20 years of age if the wood is treated properly. Acacia wood can withstands bending over 1100 kg/cm2 and anticipate strong urge above 650 kg/cm2. Its wood shrinkage is also small, low-power breakdown and somewhat coarse-textured and straight-fiber blends to the process is pretty easy so widely used for construction materials, furniture and flooring.

When you use acacia wood as the floor of the house, you need to ask for a sample first. You also need to consult with a wood floor reseller. Wooden flooring is very beautiful.
You can also ask the two samples so that you can compare any characteristics, styles and colors.

To buy the acacia wood you try your local dealer or wholesale flooring online. Local dealers will provide comfort but they will give higher pricing. Prices were highest You will find when going to the home improvement store for all the options. Note also guarantee that they will give.

One thing you should not forget is when enhance your home that highlights not only the floor space you but the most important thing is to make it more conducive to people living more comfortable. Wood durability and elegance of your wood floor is an investment for your money.


  1. Originating from the harsh environments in Asia and Africa, the acacia is a durable and strong species of wood that has proven to be among the most unparalleled wood types available today. Being the exotic type of wood that it is, the acacia is now becoming more challenging to import and source as it has become highly in demand among hardwood flooring clients. The acacia wood is highly resilient and damage-resistant, in addition to its aesthetically pleasing grain patterns and eccentric shades. If you are looking for flooring that passes both the form and functionality criteria, acacia hardwood floors waterford may be the option for you.

  2. When you use acacia wood as the floor of the house, you need to ask for a sample first. You also need to consult with a wood floor reseller. Wooden flooring is very beautiful. teds woodworking review

    1. What would you use to shine this type of wood

  3. Nice way to represent t make wooden flooring best in building construction market.

  4. Thanks for taking the time out to share this with the readers. I really appreciate the info you showed there.

  5. Acacia wood is very exotic, especially when you make it as wood flooring. I totally agree that you have to take a note of the guarantee the local store provided when you want to buy one