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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

How to make wood look old and rustic

To achieve the look on the old wood and also rustic crafts person generally creates texture by using a special tool in the past to create what you want.
Wood is chosen should be as required. Wood from forests that are clean, straight and has a slight grain. Materials such as these to types of wood such as cherry, birch and maple. Rural atmosphere can be created with the right settings. The material is placed with the correct setting with a rural background.

The next step is to fake aging. Wood can be made with wavy grain and wormholes. Maintained smooth wood surface. Texture maintained and will not overwrite the beauty of wood.

Tools such as a wire brush suppresses the natural grains in the wood. Scraping tool can also be used.
Rural atmosphere will make wood floors will bring great beauty to the home. The decor is appropriate should be adjusted to the condition of the timber to look really fit.
By creating the impression of wood like an old house likes the centuries-old.

This type of decor will provides warmth and comfortable to the senses. Designs suitable for every room in the house. You can be creative as well on home furnishings like sofa chairs, tables and beds.

Helped bring the furniture into the rural atmosphere with the decor in the room. Likewise, wooden lamps, wheel barrows, deer antlers would depict wildlife in the past.
You can also add fresh flower arrangements, watering cans will add a quaint atmosphere that really fascinating.

Rustic creations you can start from the kitchen. You can use the kitchen in rural areas by allowing the wood fibers and add on top painting.

This rustic atmosphere you expand outwards, like the patio and yard. You can use an old sink as flower planters, benches rough cut and fashioned swing on the porch and so forth. The cottage in the yard will adds to the rural atmosphere of your home.
 You do not need to do it in a day but gradually.

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