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Friday, January 25, 2013

Recycled materials for new home

You can use recycled materials for a new home or for home renovations. Many people think to renovate your home or a new home should be using new materials. You can use the former or the old material so that more efficient and save costs.

All material from the roof to the floor everything can be recycled and applied to the design of the new house. It's just that you should be more careful to choose these waste materials. The process takes longer starting from the collection of materials, storage, processing, installation through to maintenance. Any material that is used you have to understand its characteristics such as durable, strong and resistant to weather changes.

The old tile can just use the back if possible. Tile former can also be used to cover the walls of houses.
For new wall that you can use bricks because the formers are generally strong, can be removed, dismantled and reused for the new wall. Use bricks were still intact and not cracked.

For the structure of your home could use a re-casting of steel. So is the frame and doors you have chosen if it still can be used.

For flooring, ceramic long can be recycled. To shards of pottery you can use for your porch. If possible can be used for a family room with a material that has been selected.

For furniture mainly made of wood so that you can polish with a finishing look new again. Furniture you can also combine it with new furniture.
Old furniture you can also use the space for accessories. All that you can do with interior to match.

The selection of this recycled material has its own challenges. You might have ideas reusing used materials into unique art. All it depends on your creativity.

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